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And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes
And there shall be no more death
Neither sorrow nor crying
Neither shall there be any more Brain
For the former things are passed away


Who's On H2G2?

Can I play with madness?

Yo! I'm Phil,I got my name from an incredible game called Starfleet Command. I was 13 years old when I joined H2G2. I'm completely MAD about heavy metal (it rocks).

I'm also MAD about nearly all sports, Genesis, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, AC/DC, models, computer games( all sorts ), most films, certain pop music(not much I assure you that ),Unjust, Monty Python, Slipknot, MADNESS and MAYHEM.

The Number of the Beast

Me and Quorthon are doing a list. A list of "666" in as many different languages as possible. Why don't you help us?

English: Six hundred and sixty six
French: Six cent soixante six
German: Sechshundretundsechsundsechzig
Latin: Sescenti sexanginta sex (not quite accurate)
Hebrew: Shaysh meh'ote shishim v'shaysh
Spanish: Cientoseis y sesentaseis
Italian:Seicento sessanta sei
Binary: 1010011010
Octal: 1232
Hexadecimal: 29A
Welsh: Chwe chant chwe deg a chwech

If you've got any more, then please post them to the Number of the Beast forum. Thanks!

Flight of Icarus!

CD's I own

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden
Number of the Beast
Piece of Mind
Live at Donnington
Ed Hunter


Motorhead (live)

Genesis Turn it on

Stranger in a Strange Land!

Over the years I've played tonnes of games and listened to loads of bands, here are my top ten of "Loads of Stuff".

Top Ten Bands

1-Iron Maiden
3-Guns and Roses
9-Run DM C
10-Sex Pistols

Top Ten Games

1-Soldier of Fortune
2-Star Wars Episode 1:Jedi Power Battles
4-Unreal Tournament
5-Quake 3 Arena
6-Rainbow Six:Rogue Spear
7-Rollercoaster Tycoon
8-Red Alert
10-Star Trek:Birth of the Federation

Top Ten Movies

3-Saving Private Ryan
4-Aliens 2
5-Scream 2
6-Leathal Weapon 2
8-Leathal Weapon 4
9-Leathal Weapon 3
10-Star Wars:Return of the Jedi


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