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Internet dating.

Last year, I was registered with an internet dating website. Successfully, as it goes. smiley - smiley

Anyway, before the successful bit, I did have contact of varying degrees of intimacy with a number of women. Some via email only, some in person, etc.

One of these ladies seemed oddly reticent about going on an actual date. We exchanged a few emails, had a few long telephone conversations, but it just never got anywhere. I wasn't particularly bothered - other irons in the fire and all that. Then one day I noticed her profile had gone, so I dropped her one last email saying something along the lines of "if you've found the one, well done, if you've just given up, fancy a drink?". I got no response.

At least, not immediately.

This morning - a full NINE MONTHS after sending my last mail to her - her reply turned up, having been sent last night. It was two words long. The first word began with f and ended in k, and the second word was "off". Which was nice, if a little terse...

So I answered. I thanked her for the chuckle it had given me, I said I was very glad I hadn't met her, and I sincerely wished her good luck in finding someone who could make her happy, or at least a bit less rude.

And thought little more of it. It's a sad fact that the majority of women on internet dating sites really are actually very rude and ignorant indeed, so this kind of thing didn't necessarily come as a surprise.

But then, development! An apologetic email! From a MAN! From a man identifying himself as her FIANCE! Oh, hang on, and another! This one from her! Priceless. Apparently they'd had a stupid argument which went too far, leading to him sending me an email from her account (how does that even happen?). They get married next week. I am not making this up.

Needless to say, I graciously accepted their apologies, thanked them for the laugh they'd both given me, and wished them the best for the future.

Sometimes I do think I must be the only sane person in the world.


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Quote of the day... by me.

I'm on the front page of h2g2 today, for the first time, to my knowledge, as quote of the day, for this posting F19585?thread=4346783 and specifically the line "What would the kids in YOUR primary school have called you if your name was Shiloh Pitt?"

I've had another quote nominated too - as part of a convo about the environmental consequences of learning to fly a helicopter and reasons for doing so, I observed "I can't think of anything worse for the environment than getting to a restaurant by helicopter, unless you drop some napalm on a rainforest on the way there and harpoon some whales on the way back."

Funny mood, I guess. At least I'm typing with both hands again (and no, this is not a euphemism, I mean my broken hand is at least a bit better...)


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Had a lovely evening's flying last night. Two full hours in the air, ridge soaring.

When the lift switched off, i decided to make for the landing field. There was a lot of sinking air, so it looked like i might not make it, and would have to land in the "wrong" field - not a major problem. It was then i made my first mistake. Someone in front of me made it, so i figured i could too. Wrong. I made it into the field, but with not enough height to turn into wind. This meant i was going to hit the ground gently, but FAST.

My second mistake was to forget my training, and fail to correctly PLF (parachute landing fall). I stuck out my left hand instinctively, and broke two bones in my hand.

Lessons learned.

Other things i learned last night: nitrous oxide really does make you laugh, and affects your hearing. Specifically, it made the ambient noise of A&E sound like a game of "Defender" circa 1981. Also, morphine is GREAT!

Typing with one hand.

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Best news I've heard all day

It's been a good week. I've finally got a completion date on the sale of one of my houses. I've been flying four days out of the last five.

And today I found out that Iain M. Banks has another Culture novel in the works, for release next February, and it's a whopper, with loads of appendices and glossaries and stuff. I love all that. Can't wait.


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Good news, Bad news.

I've just accepted an offer on one of my houses.

The good news is that this will mean I'm no longer paying two mortgages with only one salary, and with therefore be able to afford expensive habits, like eating every day.

The bad news is I will shortly no longer be able to use the phrase "one of my houses".

Swings and roundabouts, eh?


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