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Blimey. What a week.

Since the beginning of the year, I've been doing two additional jobs on top of the one I'm paid for, for no extra money. Indeed, this year, for the fourth year in a row, my pay was *cut*, in real terms (i.e. the pay rise didn't match the rate of inflation, so my salary today is worth less than it was this time last year) despite demonstrable success in my job. Although I was asked to "stand in" for the one of the roles I'm doing, I was assured the role would be advertised "very soon", in March.

They advertised it two weeks ago. I am one of six applicants, and possibly not even the best qualified or most experienced, apparently, even though I've been doing the damn job for six months.

So after six months of doing the job for no extra pay, someone else could swan in, take the pay rise, take the job, and leave me back in the job I've been doing for the last six years and with which I'm growing increasingly disillusioned.

Except... I've just been offered another job. At a different company. On more money - not just more money than I'm on now, but on more money than I'd get EVEN IF I got the promotion, a full 20% more than I'm earning right now. And it's closer to alex's house. And it's "proper" chemical engineering, not just poncing about with chocolate. (The factory gets visits from UN weapons inspectors! How cool is that?) And it's offering a comprehensive relocation package. And it's a projects job, not a man-management nightmare.

But... they want an answer by next Friday. And if I take it, it will mean selling my current home, a house I love dearly in a town I've come to love and will be very upset to leave. It will mean a leap into the bearpit of house-buying and selling. And it will mean a leap from the security of a HUGE company staffed by people I've come to know, into the unknown of a smaller company, staffed by people I don't know hardly at all. A real leap into the unknown.


What a rush.

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Dr. Who finale: reflections (SPOILERS)

And so, the triumphant conclusion to the triumphant return. Mostly brilliant, I would say.

Standout parts for me in the last episode were, in order:

The Doctor standing toe-to-toe with a Dalek and telling it that he is known, in ancient Dalek legend, as "the oncoming storm".

The Doctor rounding on the Daleks who've just tried to stop him interrupting the boss and shouting "BACK OFF!"... and they do! smiley - laugh

The melancholic look on his face as he skids to a halt and turns to face the TARDIS just before he sends Rose home, as the truth dawns on the audience that no, in fact he doesn't have a cunning plan at all, actually - not at this point.

Mickey's question - "Why? 'Cos you're better than us?". It goes by in a second, but it hangs in the air.

The Emperor's intonation of the word "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAlek." throughout.

The Daleks leaving the motherships in their *thousands* - no f**king about with shuttlecraft, they just leave, en masse. Awesome.

Ann Robinson spitting death at three Daleks before being beheaded. BBC Wales... well done.

"Rodrigo. He owes me a favour, never mind why." Oh yeah? I can imagine...

Lynda standing in the room watching the door being cut open, then realising there are three Daleks OUTSIDE the station, one of which clearly says "Exterminate", but you *don't hear it*. Lovely.

The bizarre concept that three people, in full sight of the dwelling places of at least a thousand people, could attach a tow truck to a phone box in broad daylight and have not ONE, single passerby inquire what the f**k they're up to, or for that matter indeed even pass by.

The look on Rose's face when she catches the Dalek's beam in her hand.

Rose's face generally - she had more than a slight look of Kylie Minogue I thought, mainly because she looked like she was made of gold.

And finally, the bizarre logo on the back of her jumper - she's just saved the universe by practically becoming god, but the reverse shot of her puts the "Punky Fish" logo centre screen and I couldn't take my eyes off it. "Punky Fish"???

Oh, and finally finally - David Tennant *already* looks good, in that he *already* seems to have more than a hint of a young Bill Nighy about him. So... bring on the Christmas invasion, and for that matter the (one hopes) feature-packed DVD boxset.


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How odd.

Yesterday, the 6th of February, somebody yikesed a posting I made on the 4th.

The 4th of AUGUST.

The 4th of August, *2001*.

wtf? smiley - huh

I just read the moderation email, which told me my post had been edited. I can't see what's been changed. It's all rather odd. I think I can guess who's responsible, and if that person is reading this, all I can say is - get a life!


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For the record

January 20th, 11:26 am

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For the record

January 20th, 11:18 am

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