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How to make a suggestion

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SashaQ - happysad

smiley - wow That is brilliant - I'm very impressed!

That Google text to speech generator is handy - good variety of options, eg it can be speeded up and the pitch changed - fascinating what there is out there these days!

Would you like to try doing a video like that for a real Edited Entry? I found this one A44487002 via the Infinite Improbability Drive - not too long, a bit quirky, so potentially has promise, but there will be other good candidates. smiley - ok

How to make a suggestion

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I'm looking forward to trying out a real entry. I do have a few projects of my own on the go, so it may take a while to complete. But I'm on it smiley - smiley

How to make a suggestion

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h2g2 Guide Editors

Excellent - good luck!

How to make a suggestion

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Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about this video. I have been a bit busy recently though, but will be working more on this very soon smiley - smiley

How to make a suggestion

Post 25

You can call me TC

I have been following some of the links in this thread. I thought it was some time ago, but the "Aviators" YouTube channel is 9 years old!

I hadn't heard of the more recent "H2g2 Audio-visual" Maybe that should be publicised more.

The links to the feedback pages in the Ripley skins land on infertile soil, I've never found anything in the new setup, but I imagine any suggestions, as has been said, can no longer be implemented.

How to make a suggestion

Post 26

h2g2 Guide Editors

No problem, Lusus - all the best with everything smiley - ok

Thanks TC smiley - ok

Audio Visual h2g2 may have had limited direct publicity since it was launched in 2017, but the youtube functionality in h2g2 has certainly been used to great effect as a result smiley - ok It's great that Lusus' suggestion is being implemented - the channel looks better already and the video ideas are amazing smiley - cheers

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