The Answers to Life, the Universe and Everything

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So here they, are, the answers to all those questions, give yourself a point for each one you get right, and then read the statements at the bottom of the page to find out how big a fan you are...

  1. A: 06:30
  2. B: Yellow
  3. C: A Clipboard
  4. A: £5.00
  5. A: None at all
  6. C: Harrison Ford
  7. B: The Red Lion
  8. A:The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
  9. B: Muscle relaxant
  10. C: Neither of these
  11. C: £5.00
  12. A: Thomas
  13. B: David Dixon
  14. B: Left
  15. C: Don't Panic
  16. C: 15 Years
  17. A: 01-226-0199
  18. B: Phil
  19. B: 3
  20. B: Slartibartfast
  21. B: Peter Jones
  22. C: The Earth
  23. C: 7 and a half Million Years
  24. A: 42
  25. B: Peter Davidson
  26. C: 3800
  27. A: Milliways
  28. B: One Year
  29. B: Marvin
  30. A: Magrathea
  31. B: Disaster Area
  32. A: 25
  33. C: 8
  34. B: In the bath
  35. A: A dirty telephone
  36. B: Earth
  37. A: Scrabble
  38. B: Six by nine
  39. B: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  40. C: Douglas Adams
  41. A:Alan J.W. Bell
  42. A: 42

So how well did you do?

  • 0-5
    You are a Ravenous Bugblatter Beast - You have never taken the towel off your head long enough to read the books, let alone watched the TV series.
  • 6-10
    You are like Marvin the Paranoid Android - Life, don't talk to you about Life as you just can't be bothered. You are sort of interested, but are not really sure who this Douglas Adams person is, but you know he sounds like a pretty hoopy frood.
  • 11-20
    You are very similar to Arthur Dent - You have an awful suspicion that something is happening in the Universe, but you are not sure quite what it is.
  • 21-30
    You are not unlike Ford Prefect - Almost perfect but nothing ever seems to be quite as it seems. You know what IT is about, and who IT is, but when asked you are not sure why IT really matters.
  • 31-40
    You could call your self The Guide in human form - You know a bit about everything even though you know a lot about nothing. Your score shows you are a Hitch Hiker Fan, but without the anorak. Well done.
  • 41-42
    Hello Mister Beeblebrox, it's so good that you tried our little quiz - If you ever went into the Total Perspective Vortex you would indeed find out that you were the centre of the Universe. You know all the answers, and even some of the questions. Your ego has no bounds and your brain is really a big as a planet, you are a true Hitch Hiker.
  • 43+
    Frankie or Benji Mouse - Oh dear, there has to be one (or indeed two) doesn't there. Someone who just has to beat everyone else even if they have to resort to cheating. Well it may be fun in your book, but to be honest, you make me want to stand on a table and scream!!!

So tell us in a conversation below how you did, we are really interested1.

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1No, honestly really we are.22No, honestly!!!!33Ohhh... footnotes within footnotes!!! Belgium man.... Beeelgium!!!!

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