42 Questions on Life, the Universe and Everything

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Here's a nice little quiz for you all to share and enjoy. Forty-Two questions on Life, the Universe and Everything ranging from the hoopiestly easiest to the mind bogglingly hard. They are all based on the TV series, and may or may not differ from the books or radio

All you have to do is write down your answers on a conveniently flat piece of paper and then click on the link to the answers, where you can check off how well you did, plus read the cunningly displayed write up on how clever or indeed not clever you are.

Quick Tip: Don't Panic, Don't Cheat, Drink Plenty of Water and Keep


  1. What is the time at the beginning of the T.V. series?
    A: 06:30 ¦ B: 07:45 ¦ C: 08:00
  2. What colour is the bulldozer which Arthur lies in front of?
    A: Blue ¦ B: Yellow ¦ C: Red
  3. What does Mister Prosser have in his hand when he talks to Arthur about his house?
    A: A Cup of Tea ¦ B: A Newspaper ¦ C: A Clipboard
  4. How much is Arthur charged to have his windows cleaned?
    A: £5.00 ¦ B: £6.00 ¦ C: £6.50
  5. How much damage would the bulldozer suffer if it was to run over Arthur?
    A: None at all ¦ B: Not a lot ¦ C: Would need a new paint job
  6. Which of the following names did Ford not think of when deciding what to call himself?
    A: Anna Ford ¦ B: Ford Anglia ¦ C: Harrison Ford
  7. What is the name of the pub to which Arthur and Ford go for a drink at the start of the film?
    A: The Spotted Cow ¦ B: The Red Lion ¦ C: The Horse and Hounds
  8. What is the best drink in existence according to the Guide?
    A: The Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster ¦ B: A Glass of Cold Milk and a Straw ¦ C: The Panty Hose Ankle Disaster
  9. Why three pints?
    A: To get drunk ¦ B: Muscle relaxant ¦ C: Why not?
  10. Where does Ford Prefect come from?
    A: Betelgeuse ¦ B: Earth ¦ C: Neither of these
  11. How much does Ford pay for six pints of beer?
    A: £3.00 ¦ B: £4.75 ¦ C: £5.00
  12. What name is written on the back of the bulldozer trying to knock Arthur's house down?
    A: Thomas ¦ B: Douglas ¦ C: Dan
  13. Who played Ford Prefect?
    A: David Dickinson ¦ B: David Dixon ¦ C: Simon Jones
  14. In what ear did Arthur have the Babel Fish inserted?
    A: Right ¦ B: Left ¦ C: Final Front1
  15. What is written on the cover of the Guide?
    A: Don't Worry ¦ B: Be Happy ¦ C: Don't Panic
  16. How many years had Ford been stuck on Earth?
    A: 10 Years ¦ B: 12 Years ¦ C: 15 Years
  17. What is the telephone number of the flat where Arthur first met Trillian?
    A: 01-226-0199 ¦ B: 01-262-9019 ¦ C: 01-622-9910
  18. At the party mentioned above, what did Zaphod call himself?
    A: Bill ¦ B: Phil ¦ C: Martin Smith
  19. How many coffee cups were broken in the deadly missile attack from Magrathea
    A: 2 ¦ B: 3 ¦ C: 4
  20. Whose name wasn't important?
    A: Zarniwoop ¦ B: Slartibartfast ¦ C: Rooster
  21. Who played the voice of the book?
    A: Simon Jones ¦ B: Peter Jones ¦ C: John Peter Jones
  22. What was the name of the computer designed to find the ultimate question of Life, the Universe and Everything?
    A: Deep Thought ¦ B: Mother ¦ C: The Earth
  23. How many years did Deep Thought think about the answer?
    A: Six and a Half Million Years ¦ B: Seven Million Years ¦ C: Seven and a Half Million Years
  24. What is the answer to Life, The Universe and Everything?
    A: 42 ¦ B: 52 ¦ C: 62
  25. Which Timelord had a cameo role as a cow dying to be eaten?
    A: Tom Baker ¦ B: Peter Davidson ¦ C: David Dickinson
  26. How many points was the dog awarded for swallowing the alien battle fleet?
    A: 3500 ¦ B: 3650 ¦ C: 3800
  27. What is the name of the restaurant at the End of the Universe?
    A: Milliways ¦ B: Mildew ¦ C: Millichews
  28. How long is the lead singer with Disaster Area spending dead for tax reasons?
    A: Six months ¦ B: One Year ¦ C: His Life
  29. Who phones Zaphod at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
    A: Ford ¦ B: Marvin ¦ C: Zarquon
  30. On what planet is the Restaurant at the End of the Universe built?
    A: Magrathea ¦ B: Mercury ¦ C: Hastromil
  31. Who owns the ship that Zaphod and Ford steal at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe?
    A: Trillian ¦ B: Disaster Area ¦ C: Zarquon
  32. How many Umb Krons does the Guide cost?
    A: 25 ¦ B: 50 ¦ C: 75
  33. How many Ningis would you get for one Pu?
    A: 6 ¦ B: 7 ¦ C: 8
  34. When Arthur and Ford met the Captain of the Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, where is he?
    A: In sickbay ¦ B: In the bath ¦ C: At the hairdressers
  35. The Golgafrinchams that were left on their planet were killed by a deadly virus caught from what?
    A: A dirty telephone ¦ B: A Mutant Stargoat ¦ C: A Giant Handkerchief
  36. What planet does the B Ark crash into?
    A: Betelgeuse ¦ B: Earth ¦ C: Traal
  37. What game does Arthur try to teach the Cavemen?
    A: Scrabble ¦ B: Boggle ¦ C: Hide and Seek
  38. What is the question to Life, the Universe and Everything as spelt out by Arthur.

    What do you get when you multiply ----

    A: Six by five ¦ B: Six by nine ¦ C: Six by seven
  39. What song is sung at the end of the last episode?
    A: Memories are Made of This by Dean Martin ¦ B: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong ¦ C: You'll Never Walk Alone by Gerry and the Pacemakers
  40. Who wrote the book on which the TV series is based?
    A: Terry Pratchett ¦ B: Barbara Cartland ¦ C: Douglas Adams

  41. Who directed the TV series?
    A:Alan J.W. Bell ¦ B:Douglas N. Adams ¦ C:Adam J.W. Alan
  42. ...and finally, What is six times seven?
    A: 42 ¦ B: 35 ¦ C: 47

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