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A chuff, as in the adjective chuffed meaning pleased and so the verb to chuff, is a unit of chuffedness or happines. When something makes you happy it can be said to have chuffed you, depending on how much it has pleased you depends how chuffed you are. Many years ago life forms throughout the universe enjoyed using the term chuffed and told each other that they were chuffed about things, but soon the questions arose how chuffed are you? and how chuffed will i be if i.... ? and so on, thus the need for a unit of chuffedness grew. So a unit of chuffedness has to be created. The chuff is the thing that makes you happy, so a fiver found on the pavement could be said to be equal to 1 chuff (depending on how you value money), the consumption of a small chocolate bar equal to 1 demi chuff (there being 14 demi chuffs to 1 chuff)and so on. The problem is, different things chuff different people in different measurements. For example one person may recieve a mega chuff (equal to 20 chuffs) from noticing and observing an interestingly shaped piece of string another person may find this boring and even be under the effect of a dischuff (negative chuffedness). In the future there will be hand held devices which can measure your level of chuffednes, well hopefully anyway.

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