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Ever hear that one about the guy with the pickup truck full of penguins?


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Right, well, here's how it goes.
He's driving around town with the back of his pickup stuffed with penguins. (Live ones, I mean, sort of gazing around at the passing scenery.) After a while, he's spotted by a patrol car and gets pulled over.

"What are you doing with that truckload of penguins?" demands the officer.

"Nothing special," says the guy; "just driving around."

"Listen, wiseguy," says the policeman, "you can't drive around town with all those penguins. Take them to the zoo at once."

"If you say so," replies the guy (let's call him Duane), and off he drives in the direction of the zoo.

Next day, he gets stopped on the same road by the same policeman, because his pickup is full of penguins again. Only, this time the penguins are all wearing sunglasses.

"I thought I told you to take those penguins to the zoo!" declares the officer.

"I did," says Duane, "and today I'm taking them to the beach." smiley - biggrin


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Teeheehee! *Claps*

smiley - magic


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Dr. Megabite

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