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Ever since some bright spark came up with the idea of offices, many other bright sparks have been devising ways in which to pass the time in such places without having to resort to work. In years gone by we were limited to activities involving colleagues in the same location, with the growth of technology we've been able to spread our influences much further afield. Today technology has progressed so far that the biggest distraction yet invented is the very thing that you're using now (there's some cock and bull story about how The Web was created to share information between academics. Yeah, right…).

The Internet, however, somehow fails to provide the same level of satisfaction that the games of yore managed to achieve. Who can forget the first time that they created havoc with a too firmly hit ball in a hastily arranged game of office cricket? Or how about the fits of laughter induced when the wheely-chair Grand Prix results in one or more of the participants spilled onto the floor? Or days of missed work when the over-cube volley ball tournament ends in disaster? Oh such happy and fond memories.

This is an invitation to share these games with each other and thus turn The Net against itself and also minimise the amount of actual work that may be done during the course of a normal day. If your favourite game isn't already mentioned below, why not click on 'discuss' and tell us all about it? Onward towards complete economic collapse and a return to simpler times…

It's a distinct possibility that there are plenty of games already within the walls of h2g2 that could be adapted for use in the office. One such candidate is Frink'sGeeker Ball. You could also check out what S.R.A.H. has included links to over in his Alternative Sport Index, at the time of writing there was nothing there but you never know what the future may hold in store.

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