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Lemmings-go-splat -- Loopy loo's here!

thats really cool and i didnt help a bit.

you REALLY need to learn to spell ya know!

No offence.smiley - biggrin

c yasmiley - cheers

cool - how I despise that word...

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Existential Elevator

What did I spell wrong<?>

cool - how I despise that word...

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Lemmings-go-splat -- Loopy loo's here!

lots of stuff.

get a dictionary or type slower!!

or use a spell check.smiley - biggrin

no offence.

p.s i promise to never say *cool* again

cool - how I despise that word...

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Existential Elevator

You're in a useful mood, aren't you

I'd use a spell check...IF THERE WAS ONE!
smiley - laugh


cool - how I despise that word...

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Lemmings-go-splat -- Loopy loo's here!

y dont you type it in a word programme then spell check it, then paste it.


and yeah i am always in a helpful mood!!smiley - blushsmiley - loveblushsmiley - winkeyesmiley - winkeyesmiley - wahsmiley - hugsmiley - oksmiley - runsmiley - cheerupsmiley - coolsmiley - laughsmiley - biggrinsmiley - bubblysmiley - chocsmiley - magicsmiley - runsmiley - tongueoutsmiley - cakesmiley - teasmiley - magic

cool - how I despise that word...

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Existential Elevator

Nobody likes a smartass...

smiley - geeksmiley - divasmiley - artistsmiley - spider

cool - how I despise that word...

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Lemmings-go-splat -- Loopy loo's here!

i do...

i luv 'em...

coz i am 1! smiley - blush

jokin. thanx for being so insulting...

cool - how I despise that word...

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Existential Elevator

smiley - smiley

What are friends for<?> smiley - hug

cool - how I despise that word...

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1. ..."blanket"...

5. Could add a note to the effect that playing this particular game during take off and landing would be unwise for the elderly, pregnant or easily excitable.

16. ..."karaoke"...

Some extra ideas:

21. Take a walkman (or equivalent), loudspeakers and a recording of a human heartbeat. Conceal speakers. Concentrate hard on the back of the headrest in front of you. Play recording.

22. Ask a flight attendant if you can see the pilot. When s/he takes you to him, pretend that you /can't/ see him...

23. Same as above, only ask if you can talk to him and then pretend to be mute.

24. Start a new religion.

25. Perform your own 'in flight safety' routine in front of all the passengers involving a sock, spare change and an invisible terrorist.

26. Take a coolbox full of egg sandwiches with you. Shortly after take off, get up and discretely secrete them around the plane (for example: under old people's seats, in the toilet cubicle, behind the little slidy window covers etc), return to your seat and then go to sleep.

27. When some one gets out of their seat, wait until they are fully engaged in their activity of choice and then move to their seat. Read a paper or go to sleep as if you'd been there all along.

28. This one needs some props- ask a flight attendant if they'd like to join the Mile High Club. If they say no, get your notebook out and cross off a name from the list. If they say yes, give them a crayon-drawn certificate with membership number, and a sticky badge with "Mile High Club" and a rainbow on it. If they say they're already a member, ask to see their papers.

29. Call a flight attendant and ask them which carriage the bar is in.

30. Call a flight attendant and ask if they can wind a window down.

O.k, O.k, it's 1:00 in the A.M...

TK[1]smiley - pirate

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