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There's only a couple more weeks for you to get your Christmas Poetry to us for the competition. All you have to do is write, and send in an original poem, and then a vote will be taken by the readers of the Post to find out which poem they prefer. You should supply your researcher name and your reseacher number when sending in a poem. The winner will be annouced in the Christmas Issue of the Post.


  • The last day of entry for the competition is TUESDAY 10th DECEMBER 2002
  • Poems MUST be your own work
  • Voting will start on Thursday 12th December 2002 and finish on Tuesday 17th December 2002
  • Only one vote per researcher will be accepted, and you cannot vote for your own work.
  • If there is a tied vote, then the Post will cast the deciding vote.
  • All entries will be displayed in the Post during the forthcoming weeks.
  • The winning entry will be announced in the Christmas Edition of The Post, on Thursday 19th December 2002

E-Mail your poems to [email protected].
Please write POST POEM in the subject line...

Happy creating folks!!!

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This Weeks Entries

Forget the pain of shopping

deny the ads and sales

leave the stores and malls

The season is not avarice

it is not greed and guilt

it is not debt and bills

Love and live with peace

your family's all that counts

take some time and think

By Marv the Grate

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A friend of mine once asked me when Christmas starts,

to which I replied: Christmas for me,

is when there are more than 3 consecutive doll adverts on TV,

when you cannot walk down the street without hearing MOOOOOMMMY I WANTTTT


When feather light,

perfect white snow creates fantastic wonderlands

only to be turned into mush by sled after sled after sled,

and you have to wonder, what anyone one in their right head,

would do with that inevitable pair of sox,

the novelty ones that were funny at first,

the ones that play 'Rudolph the red nose reindeer' every time you take a step,

the ones that you'll only wear to the office party once a year for a joke,

then of course there are the presents,

smellies, and rings,

drills and things,

something for uncle bob,

the shops seem so helpful with their 'gift guides'!!!

and you always know you'll forget someone,

then when it's finally over,

and you’re nursing you bruises from that fight over the last turkey in the shop,

hold your brandy in the air and think,

you'll do it all again next year.

By Z Phantom

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