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Posted: 21st February 2022

What Are You Looking At?

Men in the olden days, wearing bowler hats, sitting on a park bench and reading newspapers. The oldest one is looking directly at the camera.

Old friends

Old friends

Sat on their park bench

Like bookends

A newspaper blown through the grass

Falls on the round toes

On the high shoes

Of the old friends…

Paul Simon

I have a poem that goes with that picture. It's in this week's issue. I hope it will make some people laugh and others think, but I'm probably hoping too much.

Bluebottle will definitely make you laugh this week. I don't care if you haven't been keeping up with his wild mashup comic, or that it's past Valentine's Day and he's still talking about Christmas, you have to read this week's comic! The retired librarian here at the Post Office chortled. You will, too.

This week, we commiserate with FWR over his ongoing struggles with gardening. The dog and cat say, ignore him and help them tell a story. Stories? Our contributors' photographs speak volumes: there's an act of synchronicity in a thimble. The ice on a windscreen paints a picture. A budgie shows us motherhood in a pose.

The world's signage continues to puzzle us. Beware of the soprano, and light a candle to St Rage. Don't disturb the peregrines in the tower.

We are inspired by the humble hedgehog. And flowers. And platforms in the harbour. Willem overcame a technical glitch in order to bring us another deer. Lots to see here. A bit for the ears, too: I threw in a hymn. I promise to practise some Schubert soon.

Read and enjoy, we hope. Have a good week, and remember: if the sign makes sense, follow directions. If it doesn't, take a picture.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Père David's Deer

Pere David's Deer by Willem.



Video: Grace

Hands on a piano.


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