A Bosch Mystery (Solved)

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A Bosch Mystery (Solved)

Caiman and the Post Editor got into an interesting research project the other day with the help of the Fake History Hunter, a delightful Dutch historian. She posted this photo on Twitter. It shows a Dutch soldier, prone on the sidewalk with a machine gun, while a proud Dutch family poses in the doorway of the family shop. It was taken late in the Second World War.

The Post Editor sent the link to Caiman because he's an expert on 's-Hertogenbosch, where the photo was taken. Caiman went in search of the shop.
First, he pointed out that façades had changed a lot over the years in Bosch:
Facade of a shop in Bosch.Facade of a shop in Bosch.Facade of a shop in Bosch.
Next, he concluded that while this building had a wider doorway and the wrong house number, it was the closest he could find to the look of the original photo. Minus the machine gun, obviously.
Facade of a shop in Bosch.
Once Fake History Hunter found out we were interested, she went to work in the Bosch city archives. She located the building. It's still there – but the façade is quite different now. Who knew?

She even went the extra kilometer and found an advertisement for when these folks moved into their business premises at Hinthamerstraat 137! Personally, I have known a lot of writers who are cliché factories, but I never saw one advertised before.

This was fun. Thanks to Caiman for the legwork and views of Bosch. And thanks to Fake History Hunter for the inspiration and archival work. If you're on Twitter, please give her a follow. You'll learn lots of fascinating facts, such as things Marie Antoinette and Albert Einstein didn't say.

PS: Caiman adds another photo.

Good thing I checked. The streetview algorithm does best guesses if they haven't driven through the actual street, so the picture of the really old building I sent before is only in the direction of the one I was looking for. The photo I attached now really does resemble the one on the advertisement about the move of the stamp factory. Fun fact: The non-shop part (top floors and backside) is for sale. Less fun fact: they ask 1.575 million euros for it (without sales taxes).

It was built in 1860.
Facade of a shop in Bosch.
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