Create Challenge, August 2021: Summer Comfort Food

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Create Challenge, August 2021: Summer Comfort Food

Create Challenge August 2021 by Freewayriding

Most of us have foods that will take our minds off worries, fill us up both in stomach and in soul. Perhaps a winter food comes to mind: hot chocolate, or a slow-cooked soup. But for summer?

For August we want to know about the summer food that brings bliss to your whole being:

Where do you turn when the weather is hot, and the air stands still, and you need to feed your heart as well as your stomach?Which dishes do you enjoy on a warm evening alone or with friends? Or in the morning when the air is still cool? Are you already preparing for next winter by making jams and pickles (maybe with crops from your own garden)? Or do you have a favourite cake or dessert which is just to die for at this time of the year?

Is it slowly cooked? Or a quick dash to the corner store for something that doesn't even need cooking? Is it complicated with lots of ingredients, or with things you always have at home?

And since it's comfort food: how does it make you feel? What are your memories around this meal? Who made it for you first? Is it a family recipe? Or did you find it yourself and fall head over heels with it?

Share your favourite summer recipe with the Guide1! Share your food-related summer memories with The Post!

Can you share a picture of your summer comfort food? A photo of your plate or a well-loved recipe book with stains and smudges, a simple drawing or even the picnic blanket you always use?

Send us your recipes! We're dying to try them out and discover a new favourite comfort food.

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1Remember: your recipes only. Nothing copyrighted.

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