First Contact

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First Contact

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'Go on Skip, I dare you!'

The Captain shook her head and laughed at her Number One.

'No way! Not a chance - can you imagine the stick we'd get back home?'

'20 quid if you say it? Easy money. No? Twenty and a bottle of scotch…..fifty and I'll do all the logs on the return leg, final offer!'

'Fifty, the GOOD scotch AND you do all the reports?'

A few hours later the world's recorders gathered as the spaceship landed.

95% of the population sat glued to screens as the alien craft gently parted the clouds and landed on the purple grasslands.

The other 5% jostled and pushed to record this momentous occasion for posterity and an awful lot of royalty payments from the repeated footage. First Contact with an alien race, the news story of all time!

The circular hatch opened with a hiss of escaping air, a ladder descended from the craft (OK, so the aliens have legs, one astute commentator remarked).

Indeed, legs were exiting the craft, two of them, encased in bulky space suit trousers, but definitely legs (no sign of any tail-like appendages, another sharp eyed reporter commented).

Slowly, precisely, one small step followed another. The alien had landed.

Cheers as it checked the atmosphere with some futuristic device, hands and arms reached up to unlock the mirrored helmet (the aliens seem to have arms and hands, possibly a head too… reportage at its finest!)

The helmet was released and the Captain shook her hair free, resulting in more cheers and frantic commentary on the precise shade of blondness…

The world held its collective breath as she (presumed the alien was female, as all males were bald on this planet) walked towards the reporters.

The Captain took a deep breath, conscious of the trillions of beings watching her around the Universe, then, thinking of the horrendously expensive bottle of whiskey waiting for her many, many, lightyears away, she spoke:

'Inhabitants of G492/S9.. We come in peace - please - take me to your Leader!'

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