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Posted: 20th March 2023

Journeys, and What We Found

Venus and Jupiter.
A courtship in our skies
that didn't last long.

If you can tear yourselves away from discussing who won what at that big company awards dinner which I don't care about, but Awix does, we've got a lot of cool things to show you. Our contributors have been making journeys: climbing over rocks, following streams, trudging through snow, and even mounted on horseback. They show you what they saw. You are expected to be impressed. The photographers expect this, and I expect it, because these pictures are impressive. They are so impressive, in fact, that I'm departing from the usual pithy format in order to bring you running commentary on these amazing images.

Please read the commentary to yourselves in a fancy David Attenborough whisper.

Be glad I'm not really doing the voiceover. Most of you aren't ready for my accent, which sounds more like Grandpa Jones.

Besides all the journeying through physical space, our writers have been traversing a lot of mental terrain, as well. You know how I have a column called Deep Thought? Well, FWR has been doing some deep thinking, too. You could smell the wood burning from here. Let him tell you about it.

Let the novella writers tell you their tales, too. There's a lot going on: some of it's funny, some is exciting, some is intriguing, and some is tragic. There are also too many robots.

We have the usual features and fun. I mustn't forget to recommend the picture quiz this week. Even if you don't usually do the picture quiz, you've got to tune in for this one. We have a very special guest artist you really won't want to miss.

So dive in and feast your eyes and ears and hearts and minds. Be nice to the contributors: comment on what they're offering instead of whatever running monologue you've got going in your own heads. It will make a nice change. Tell Awix how revolting that movie sounds.

Have a safe week out there. Look out for ice patches and Canada geese, now referred to in North America as 'cobra chickens'.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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A bowl of hot soup.

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Wild Turkey Rampage
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Malabarista views spring from
her horseback vantage point.

Bare hills and trees and a path from the back of a horse, by Malabarista.


  • Photo
  • Evidence of drought.


FWR gets up close and
personal with a tortoise.

Closeup of a tortoise, by FWR.


You can admire the daffodils
while languishing in the stocks.

The old stocks in York with some new daffodils, by Angel LiaDan.
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