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Posted: 5th April 2021


Budgie by Tavaron.
For some people, today is Easter. For others, not yet. (Waves at Solnushka.) A couple of weeks ago, some of us – maybe some of the same us – celebrated Nowruz. (Hint to the White House: next year, use plastic goldfish.) Down south, Willem's getting ready for winter, but north of the equator, we're all about spring and thoughts of renewal.

This is a particularly hopeful topic for us this year, as we're all wishing for a speedy end to the pandemic and better times to come. So we particularly enjoy noticing signs of what professional thinking persons have called the Eternal Return: cool stuff that happens every spring, like crocuses popping up, or the snow finally melting, or baby birds leaving the nest. (See Tavaron's picture.)

One thing that never changes around here, though, is snark. Snark never goes away. It is a recurring phenomenon, like heartburn or silliness in the comment threads. Thus it is with us: this issue will wow you. It will also make you laugh, we hope.

A short flyover by our preview drone:

  • Nature will surprise you this week. It certainly surprised us. Willem has found an insect that…well, I would have sworn it was made out of those kids' plastic construction tools. See what you think. Also, there's a weather report from Austria and a farm report from Pennsylvania. See what else you can spot. Personally, I want one of those South African squirrels. I don't want one of those bugs.
  • People from the past surprise us, too. Who knew Rudyard Kipling would have such an, er, interesting take on excessive flag affection? Or that Kurt Vonnegut's dad had such an original solution to an architectural problem? You'd almost think he was a Tralfamadorian, or something.
  • Humour will startle you. It usually does. Bluebottle's at it again. Remember to keep up with the ongoing stories.
  • Some of this Stuff will make you scratch your head. Whether it's the artist moving the moon or Twitter's take on an old map of Connecticut, we guarantee you will see things here you haven't see before. We didn't say that was a good thing.

Note: please give the April Create challenge a try. The Team want your thoughts on not seeing the woods (forest) for the trees.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Enjoy the weather, stay safe, and try not to eat too many marshmallow peeps. (We said try.)

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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South African
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