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Posted: 15th February 2021


Memories in a tin, by DG.

Light the corners of my mind

Misty watercolor memories…


This month, we're into memories. Some of our writer share a few of theirs. We also dug into the archives and brought out some h2g2 writing memories you may remember, or be encountering for the first time. We hope you'll enjoy these excursions into the past. If you have any memories to share, feel free to send them in.

We've got lots of other things to show and tell this week. Here are some highlights:
    Snowcovered mountains in Scotland, by Paigetheoracle.
  • The weather report: Mostly snow. And more snow. And then there's…snow. We've pointed our cameras at the snow and ice: on cloudy days and sunny days, on the road and up in the mountains. Do not complain, because we will ignore you. Appreciate the aesthetics. You don't have to shovel photography. SashaQ even has art with snow in.
  • Things that don't involve snow: Like Paigetheoracle's pictures from the sea shore.
  • Humour. Yes, that's what it is. Be nice.
  • Stories and features. Things to guess at and wonder about and caption. Find out what Solnushka's son thinks about ancient North America.
  • Learn how to make a box kite shaped like a biplane. Take it out for spin once it stops snowing.
  • Awix has dug up a new film to tell you about. See what he thought of it.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Keep warm, stay safe, and remember: a snowflake in the hand is one that's not on the pavement.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: ...we are dead. ...Now we're nearing – this dread examiner, and we think something should be done. So we've put off really thinking what to do till the last moment. Naturally we would – we're all English.

Act III, Scene 1, Outward Bound by Sutton Vane.

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Memories Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Video Extra: Snow Globe Day


Eomellivora by Willem


  • Caiman
  • Pacifying the Offspring (4).


Snow and Sun

Sun and Snow by DG.


Tears in Rain
Second Sight, by FWR.


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