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Posted: 11th January 2021

Flights of Fancy

Goldcrest in Flight, by SashaQ.

There's a story to go with today's video extra. Sunday started out just the way we like it in winter: warmish (=above zero Celsius) and damp from rain. None of that White Stuff. This was fine until noon. Then I looked out the window and saw the huge, white, fluffy things coming down. Lola the five-pound dog was sitting in her seat by the window studying the street.

Lola: growls

Me: are you growling at the snow?

Lola: growls (it's cute, she's so small)

Elektra: The Brown Dog must be out.

(Looks. Brown Dog is out.)

Lola: makes motions of wanting to go outside.

Elektra: Why do you want to go outside? It's snowing. You hate snow.

Me: She wants to growl at the Brown Dog where he can hear her.

Lola: continues to want to go out

Elektra: Have you considered that maybe I don't want to go out?

January's like that. Januaries have probably been like that in the northern hemisphere since Noah was a pup. Or the Mesolithic, anyway. So it goes. Between the weather and the social distancing, and a general lack of anything too urgent to do, we may find ourselves inside a lot, looking out at precipitation.

In that case, you have no excuse for not reading all of the following wonderful Stuff.
    Some adverts from 1879. Order yours now.
  • Our theme this month is Hope. Hope: we need it. I don't care where we live, we need it. Our neighbours need it. This week, some of us try to show you hope in a handful of words or an image or two. Please send in your thoughts, as well.
  • No angels or chickens this week, but we have birds! SashaQ shares the result of another bird-watching year.
  • We also have cats, of course. And a snake. Does a sundog count as wildlife? Anyway, we have one. And there's a paranormal cat sighting. Make of it what you will. Willem reports.
  • We have rare finds: a giant game of Jenga. A whole ONE CENTIMETER of snow in France! (Can you hear me growling, Superfrenchie?) Other surprises appear, such as the startling film Awix found.
  • Stories and songs and such. 'Into You' nears its exciting conclusion. Desideria gets ready for a demonstration. Bluebottle stretches the dramatic tension (and our credulity) to new lengths. There's a story so good we brought it back. It's by FWR, so you know you'll like it.
  • Warning: the 'adverts' on this page are historical. Do not attempt to order them from Amazon Prime.
  • In short, there are fun things to read, puzzle out, and comment on in this issue. We hope you will enjoy them all.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff.) Keep warm, stay safe, and remember: online weather reports aren't worth the paper they're printed on.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Video Extra: Snowblitz

Obligatory Cat

Kitten being held up for inspection, by DG



Caption Needed

Angel with a bustle watering the Earth.


Up for a Game?
Giant Jenga Game, by DG.

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