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November 25: Politics

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Caiman raptor elk - Escaping the Array

Day 25:

Pato is woken up early by a light that is not the sun coming up.


Running outside he is glad to see that it is not a house, but the fact that one of the fields of barley is alight means things are serious. Frantically sounding the bell and bellowing “Fire!” he quickly gets the attention of the sleeping villagers. People pour out of their houses and start trying to save what can be saved. The river is too far to effectively carry in enough water to douse the fire, so Pato orders them to try and kick out the fire with leather hides. It quickly becomes clear that saving this field is an impossible task, so they concentrate on trying to protect and save the other patches, clearing vegetation that could transfer the fire.
Once the fire is gone, small groups form to put a stop to the smouldering remains of the field.
It is at this stage that a clearly angry man is manhandled toward Pato. He recognises the man called Sod as one of those his uncle has pointed out as troublemakers. Sod grumbles: “Why couldn’t you have died on the mountain? I would have been a great Chief! Not like that father of yours with his new-fangled ideas!”. According to his captors, Sod started the fire out of spite. Given the man’s outburst, Pato tends toward believing them, but asks if they can prove it anyway. One says that he found the man at the bottom of the field with a burning oil lamp. Right where the fire started. He shows the distinctive folded pottery bowl and the fibre wick. The bowl is still warm. Pato orders to have the man tied at hands and feet to await trial by the Clan elders. First priority is to save what can be saved, since the burnt field contained a large part of the barley for this winter.

While everyone able to help is working through the day to gather as much food as possible, Pato’s mind buzzes with questions about what should be done with Sod. Will the other men pointed out by his uncle pose a similar threat? Did the man act alone in this tragedy? Can he be trusted if he stays alive? Again, swift and decisive action is needed to keep in control, so he tells everyone that a gathering of justice will be held tomorrow morning.

As Pato returns to his home, he is hushed to silence by Aryna before he enters. They find Marlon and Yusna both fast asleep, his head on her lap, her hand in his hair. Pato grins and after eating some dried meat from the store, he retreats in silence, Aryna following him on tiptoe.

November 25: Politics

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

You have now demonstrated that the past does not mean 'simpler times'. Thank you. smiley - applause

November 25: Politics

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And justice needs to be done and seen to be done - even this long ago.smiley - applause

November 25: Politics

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paulh, hiding under my bed

Does this mean they will barley be able to get through the winter? smiley - run

November 25: Politics

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Hope he gets what's coming, smiley - applause

November 25: Politics

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paulh, hiding under my bed

Deliberately destroying the food supply is a serious offense.

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