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The Chase. Part 28.

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Goubert stood on the wooden step of the Manor House, please so many folk had attended Gravesberie this day.

He puffed out his chest and raised his arm for silence.

*By the Order and Grace of our Lord King, and the Power and Mercy of the Church, the will of God and the Law of all England and Ireland, you have been judged by your betters and found to be guilty of the most serious of crimes!*

The crowds booed and hurled insults at the two prisoners.

*Theft from the Crown Estates, poaching in the Forest, murder of my very own under-foresters, and associating with heathen outlaws!*

Rulf glared at Goubert, who seemed not to care or notice, the burning hatred in his eyes.

*No man is above the Law! No man may defy justice, we will deliver God and the King's Will, no matter how long you may hide like stinking cowards!*

Rulf felt anger in his throat, burning to be unleashed against the pig.

*On this day, you shall each pay for your crimes by facing the Chase!*

Roars of approval from the crowds. Clapping and jeering at the festivities.

*However, My Lord King and the Earl of Cheshire, are goodly, God fearing and merciful in nature, as such, if either or both manage to outrun the hounds, and reach the Chase's end, some twenty-five furlongs hence, at Thurston Rock, then, by the Grace of God and our Lord King, then a full pardon shall be most graciously and generously granted!

May God have Mercy on your unworthy souls! Master of the Hunt, pray proceed!*

The crowds laughed and jostled each other, trying to get a better view, as Rulf and the young boy were stripped, daubed with deer blood, and sewn into fresh pelts.

They were spun around, the crowds pushing and slapping them, before the horns sounded and the yeomen cleared a path to the forest.

Rulf took the boy's hand.

*Run boy, your life depends on you running, as fast as a hare, go! Run boy, run!*

The pair sprinted out of the village, the folk of Gravesberie cheering as the hounds bayed and pulled at their leashes.

Goubert counted silently. Dropping his arm a minute early, lest not to tire the hounds too much.

The houndsmen released the dogs, Goubert and his men mounted up.

The Chase was on!

The Chase. Part 28.

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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Post Editor

Wow. smiley - applause

The Chase. Part 28.

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You're still keeping us on tenterhooks! smiley - applause

The Chase. Part 28.

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paulh. Trump's behavior is unpresidented

So, did Rulf get a chance t at least partly recover from his wounds?

I can see why this story is called The Chase. Good show!

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