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Posted: 2nd November 2020

Time to Poke Holes in History!

Poking Holes in History, a montage by DG. It's that time of year again: the time when the weather turns lousy (except for Willem), and we all hunker down for some serious reading and writing. This year, our intrepid authors have undertaken to 'poke holes in history' – to find a less-travelled road in the byways of the past. You're going to get a chance to read what they're writing. Links and pictures can be found below. (Any latecomers, just add your links to the Create thread, and we'll feature you later in the month.)

The question arises: why bother?

Yeah, those who refuse to learn from history, yadda yadda. But you'd be amazed what we can find in there. See that montage? That represents just some of what I found rummaging around in the past of the area where I live now. It was amazing to see what has changed, and what hasn't.

The weird thing is: looking at the past, we gain perspective. We might possibly cure ourselves of some of our alien notions, such as that 'we know better now', or 'this current thing that's happening has never happened before.' It probably has. Maybe somebody back then had a good idea we could use.

Here's what you can find in this issue:

    A woodcutter's hut in Austria, by  Tavaron.
  • We still have wildlife and nature photos, also video evidence of natural beauty. Enjoy. Please praise our contributors for what they have photographed, and refrain from asking them about the kumquat tree that's not in the picture.
  • We have history tourism: everything from telephone lore to night letters. Plus, Tavaron takes us out to the Austrian forest to explore woodcutting and a smithy.
  • We have present-time tourism: Paigetheoracle shows us a ship, and invites us to title an inventive mural.
  • We have quizzes and challenges and opportunities for creativity. Please take advantage.
  • Minorvogonpoet's story of wartime France has begun. It's called 'A Place to Call Home'.
  • Freewayriding's epic tale set on the medieval Wirral, 'The Chase', is underway. Don your armour.
  • The Conestoga wagons are rolling in The Editor's 'Coming of Age in Brookville'. Monongahela whiskey 3 cents a glass. Hurry before the Temperance movement gets here.
  • Not featured in this issue, but also running in November: Tavaron's account of life in Vienna in 1880.
  • Also not featured this week but available to read: Caiman Raptor Elk's   Gravepicking. I think Caiman's gone the farthest back in time.
  • B4's ongoing story, 'Into You', goes on. Try and keep up! (Seriously, people are enjoying this.)
  • There are cartoons, comics, and features. Awix is here with cinema. Lots to read and do this week.

  • So, have History Thoughts. Talk to the writers and artists. Send more Stuff! And have a good week!

    Dmitri Gheorgheni

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    Holes in History

    Video Extra: Deer in the Glade

    Great Auk

    Great Auk by Willem


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    Coming of Age
    in Brookville

    Brookville, PA, in 1840. A VERY small town.


    Cartoon Corner
    Corvid 19 by Willem.


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