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Posted: 31st August 2020

Cats, Dogs, Badgers, Moose…Wildlife and Deep Thoughts!

Kitten in a little striped suit playing a guitar and singing in jail. By Freewayriding.

Who says August is a slow news season? Not around here. See that picture? It's to announce that Freewayriding and I have now issued an historic musical collaboration. Gilbert & Sullivan, Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lennon & MacCartney, they have nothing on Riding & Gheorgheni.

It all started in Peer Review, which is where all really ridiculous ideas start. I wrote a guide entry called 'How Many Cats Should You Have in Your Car?'. It's one of those erudite entries for which the Edited Guide is so justly famous. While working on the illustration, FWR got inspired to write a lyric. So I got inspired to write a tune in revenge. Recording happened. You will find the result in this week's issue, along with many, many other wonderful things which we will give you a preview of here.
Baltimore Oriole by DG
  • Everybody's creative this week. Willem brings us up-to-date on the hapless bicycle thief's unhappy afterlife, while Bluebottle's plot thickens. Meanwhile, Awix is back at the cinema, but is all right with the world? Tune in and find out. Robbie has a poem for us.
  • What will the future be like? They wondered that 100 years ago. We wonder now. There are matters to discuss here.
  • Nature is front-and-centre in our pages this week: sea, sky, flowing rivers, stately trees. Everything that swims, runs, and flies. Even badgers! (Thanks, Websailor!) All this, and Lola the doglet shows off her new bow.
  • Things to caption and guess at and talk about. Don't miss any.
  • A new Create Challenge for September, called 'Try to Remember'. We want you to take us on trips down memory lane. Of course, if you've still got nature and wildlife, we want that, too.
Send your pictures and writings! The galaxy wants to know. And have a good week.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

Belva Lockwood and Dr Mary Walker from the Library of Congress. Dr Walker is wearing a man's suit. It's 1912.
Lawyer Belva Lockwood and
Dr Mary Walker, 1912

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Quote of the Week:Not since I discovered the world not to have been made in six days of twenty-four hours each, had I been so intellectually and spiritually upset. I had held a revolution as a noble and sacred instrument, destroying evil and leaving men free to be wise and good and just. Now it seemed to me not something that men used, but something that used men for its own mysterious end and left behind the same relative proportion of good and evil as it started with.

– Ida Tarbell, All in the Day's Work: An Autobiography, pp143-144

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Try to Remember

Square-Tailed Drongo

A deep blue bird called the Square-Tailed Drongo, painted by Willem.



Roll On, River

The Clarion (aka Nighthoover) River, view crossing the bridge on Highway 322, by Dmitri Gheorgheni.


Anhinga Update
Anhingas and their nest, by Phred Firecloud.

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