A Virtual Patchwork Comfort Blanket

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The March 2020 Create Challenge asks, 'What does the world need?'

Our answer: A Virtual Patchwork Comfort Blanket.

In honour of h2g2.com's 42/2 = 21st birthday let's make the blanket together. Each segment can contain anything that is comforting:

  • A photograph or drawing
  • A video
  • A poem
  • A story
  • An anecdote
  • A recipe
  • A factual Entry
  • Etc, etc...

Here is the Virtual Patchwork Comfort Blanket so far:

Friendship blanket, with cat
How to Make a No-Sew Blanket
Crocheted Jellyfish
Octopus for a Preemie -
Comforting Craft Charity
Goldfinches eating seed from a bird feeder.
Armchair Birdwatching
Knitted cakes.
Knitted Cakes
The fairies and the cucumber.In the Middle of the Road
'John was puzzled by the
fresh cucumber
and tin of tuna he found
on the busy pedestrian crossing...'
Adorable Simba
Adorable Simba by Rosa Baggins
Dhole by Willem
Dhole - wild hunting dog of Asia
Spurn Point by Galaxy Babe
Spurn Head

Thank you to all the contributors!

To submit your segment for the blanket, comment in the thread below.

As an extra birthday treat, there are two prize draws - one for a copy of Willem's 'Colours of Wildlife' book and one for an h2g2 'Dolphin' T-shirt (chest size 35-37 inches/89-94cm). If you submit a square for the blanket and would like to be entered into one or both of the draws, comment in the relevant threads at the bottom of this page by 24 May, 2020!

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