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Posted: 24th February 2020

Strangely Familiar

TJ Looking Wise by Dmitri Gheorgheni If it's morning and your cat knows where you are, you're probably all right. And it's time to start the coffee and open a tin.

This month's Create theme – 'Strangely Familiar' – applies to much of this week's content. You'll see and read things that give you the shock of recognition, but also make you say, 'I never looked at it that way before.' That's what we're here for.

So let's get started on the cool Stuff.

Come On In by Paigetheoracle

  • Rare and not-so-rare sights, from Willem's time-machine snorkel-creatures to the Obligatory Tree. Find out where Ivan the Eventually Terrible was baptised. (We don't think it did him any good.)
  • Follow the adventures of Desideria the Demoness and whoever those lunatics are running around the Isle of Wight. Also see cartoons, watch a music video, and check out the outrageous signs.
  • There's lot to admire: black-and-white photos, suitable for meditation, unusual sightings, and strangely familiar views of the world around us that will make you wonder what sort of planet we're on, anyway.
  • Cinema, thoughts about writing, a puzzle, and a couple of pictures you can make a story out of. Join in.

Please read and comment. Take us with you on your hand-held devices. Keep your mobile camera ready, and send us what you see. Have a great week!

Quote of the Week:   Nut·pick·ing: 1. the act of picking the most extreme members of a group and pretending they represent the group in order to attack it.

Macmillan Dictionary

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Create February 2020 by Freewayriding
February Create Challenge:
Stranger in a Familiar Land
Be a Tour Guide to the Domestically Strange!

Dmitri Gheorgheni




When Today
Looks Like Yesterday

Faux Age by bobstafford


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