Strangely Familiar: Conceptual Art

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Strangely Familiar: Conceptual Art

Kudzu covering landscape featuresSeeing the world through snow

Humans landscape their world.

(So do beavers. This leads to fights.)

In between the farms, houses, ponds, towns, and ridiculous skyscrapers

We place our roads, our walks, our signposts, our maps.

It's hard to know where we are

When nature wipes out our landmarks.

(Beavers flood us. When we move them, they come back.

Doggedly telling us, 'This needs to be a lake, not a backyard.')

Kudzu says, 'This needs to be green.'

Kudzu is an environmental artist, like Christo and Jean-Claude.

It wraps the landscape. Houses become shapes in summer.
Hey, where's the door? Never mind.

Look at the art.
But I wanted to find the fridge.

Snow is another environmental artist.

It sneaks up in winter, ninja-wrapping the world.
How do you like them apples? it says.
What apples? All I see is white.
Yeah, ain't it grand? Appreciate the concept.
Appreciate this, you say as you wield the shovel.

One of these days, says nature, we'll get the point.
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