Video: Traffic Jam in Hooverville, Film at 11

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Video: Traffic Jam in Hooverville, Film at 11

Church steeple pointing at clouds.

It snowed all morning. We only had to go across town, but my back was spasming, so we called one of our few cabs.

'We wanted to be driven by a professional,' Elektra told him. He laughed.

'You wouldn't say that if you'd seen the front of this cab!' he said. 'Last night, I was driving out in God's country [meaning farmland], and I hit a deer. She kept running, but my grille is a mess.' We saw it when we got out: yup. That repair's gonna cost. Deer are a major road hazard around here.

The chiropractor did her best. Now to call the cab company.

'We can't get to you for at least an hour. Try back then.' We looked outside and saw…this.

A fast-moving snow squall had marauded its way north from Pittsburgh that morning and hit the interstate highway, causing a tractor-trailer accident and subsequent pileup. Now, all the trucks in North America were filing down Main Street. It was highly picturesque.

We walked home. Slowly. It's okay: the chiropractor can deal with it next week. And if your Fed-Ex packages were late last week? Blame the weather. Those guys had to go through 'God's country', and the whole convoy probably got stuck behind an Amish buggy.

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