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Posted: 20th January 2020

Cold Winds, Warm Hearts

Church Steeple in Winter by Dmitri Gheorgheni The winds are blowing, friends. Yesterday morning, behind the Post Office, there was a large recreational trampouline upended over our bird feeder. The birds were annoyed until they figured out where the hole in the net was. We commiserated with the neighbour as he righted it: who would have believed the wind could be so persuasive?

Icy one day, unseasonably warm the next. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, and what-have-you. Climate change no doubt at the root of much of this, phooey. Fifty years ago, we had arguments with the grownups about this. You know, we wouldn't have minded being wrong….

Wherever you are and whatever the weather is doing to you, we want to hear about it. You might be the last person to see it.

On a more cheerful note, I'd like to draw your collective attention to the cartoons and comics in this and every issue. Yeah, yeah, we vary a lot in our ability to, er, draw. Or even approximate that activity. Especially the Editor. We can't all be professional painters like Willem. But that wasn't what I noticed this week. What I noticed was that although the comics and single-panel cartoons have off-the-wall jokes and often bizarre dialogue, they're all more or less based in our personal experience. We're commenting on what's going on in our world: work, play, international events, human ethics….you know what I mean. For that reason alone, the humour around here is as much a part of our public record as anything else.

And then, of course, somebody catches a fox ignoring a road sign….

New Year's Market, Red Square, Moscow by Solnushka

Also in this issue:

  • A Bosnagaap, aka a Greater Galago. See it before those moviemakers find out it exists. It's way cuter than Baby Yoda.
  • Sunrise in the Ardennes
  • For those who haven't been outside much lately, Paigetheoracle offers a virtual winter walk. Solnushka takes you on a New Year's stroll around Red Square. I have the traffic report from Hooverville. You didn't want to be there, believe me. Various people have looked up at the sky, with spectacular results.
  • You can exercise your brains: figure out the Picture Quiz. Caption the unpronounceable cathedral. Nod in faux comprehension at the writing column. Learn about the cinematic achievement Awix has just witnessed.
  • Find out why there's an angel in Brighton, a monument to the Covenanters in Scotland, and shoes in Dutch trees. h2g2: broadening the mind. Or at least, making your head hurt.

Please read and comment. Remember to send us Stuff – only you can prevent widespread provincialism. Have a great week!

Quote of the Week:   We caught a mouse in the cellar today, it seems like it ate a whole bag of nuts from our garden and half a bag of marshmallows. It was the fattest mouse I've ever seen.


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