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Posted: 25th November 2019

On a Clear Day You Can See…

Glastonbury Tor at First Light by Cactuscafe

I'm sitting here writing this while listening to Wim Winters play the J. Pachelbel Ciacona in F Minor on a reconstructed 1808 Belgian organ, courtesy of Youtube, while gazing at the photo above, taken on Glastonbury Tor by Cactuscafé. And I reflect that the internet is a great blessing. Thanks to its magic, I know someone who's climbed Glastonbury Tor. And someone else who has seen a hippopotamus that wasn't in a zoo. Without having the time, money, or physical ability, I can be so many places at once. I can see wonders and hear miracles.

Of course, I could be reading arguments on Twitter and other unpleasant drivel. It's a choice.

This week, we hope to broaden your vistas considerably. We have:
River in Autumn by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • A plant walk in South Africa. You'll be fascinated by the landscape. We don't see things like this every day, but Willem does, and he shares.
  • Views of autumn skies and autumn riverbanks and just…autumn.
  • More magic black-and-white to ponder.
  • Music to laugh by. Cartoons and comics. More reflections on monster writing. Cinema tips.
  • Some highlights from the November writing projects, ending this week. Don't miss out. Bluebottle and Freewayriding will make you laugh and think. I'll settle for making you laugh with a musical parody. Paigetheoracle wasn't able to blog – he's been busy up north – but he sends a story, anyway, that some of you may identify with.
  • Startling photographic discoveries, indoors and out: everything from demon food to picturesque church to urban nightscape.

So read, comment, plan to send more Stuff as we get into December. Don't spend all your time shopping and carolling. Remember to drop in from time to time. We wish you a great week, and a happy Thanksgiving to those who observe it.

Notice from the Management: Ninja adverts will be removed as soon as possible by the Editor. Please do not hire lawyers who attempt to advertise in the h2g2 Post. We shudder to think what kind of lawyer does that.

30 Hours in Hooverville by Freewayriding
Here is where you will find the Post NaJoPoMo fiction-writing project, '30 Hours in Hooverville'. You are welcome to kibitz and heckle the players. Join us for, if not heart-stopping action, at least some fun snark in this imaginary (and highly imaginative) town.

Quote of the Week:  We could use some existential dread. So it's good you put that in.

Caiman Raptor Elk

Create November 2019 by Freewayriding
November Create Challenge:
NaJoPoMo 2019
Join the fun!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





Words of Wisdom

Or are they? by Paige.


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