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Posted: 18th November 2019

We're Here Because...

That Tower by Moonlight by Freewayriding

When we let politicians force us (or trick us) into thinking in terms of old vs young, left vs right, gay vs straight, male vs female, black vs white, we become easier to divide and conquer.

My apologies to the Twitter user who wrote that, because I forgot to get his username before the feed scrolled on and I lost it in the furiously-growing tweet pile. But these are wise words – even wiser if we replace the word 'politicians' with 'media outlets/'influencers'/loudmouth internet trolls/etc. The occasion of the comment was something that happened on US Twitter one weekend. It seems the media here were making a big deal of the meme 'OK Boomer', which was being used by (presumably younger) commenters to refer disparagingly to the opinions of older commenters. One entire hashtag thread consisted of really bad life advice allegedly given by 'Boomers'. Personally, I found this suspicious, because although the advice was really bad, it sounded more like the things our Depression-Era parents said to us than something that would (or should) come out of the mouths of those born after the Second World War. But what do I know? Maybe some of my contemporaries were channeling their inner Ward Cleaver1.
Anyway, some of the tweeting got kind of nasty. It became obvious, to me, at least, that many, many people harbour resentment at their parents (no surprise there), and that many older people resent being lumped in with the dummies and essentially told that the rest of the planet is waiting for them to die, already, so that the world can become a better place. Whatever happened to
Teach your children well.

Their father's hell

Did slowly go by.

And feed them on your dreams…

Graham Nash, 1969

Oh, heck, that was fifty years ago. Nothing good is that old, right?

The reason I appreciated the tweet I started with was that it was exactly what I was thinking. 'Hey, some jerk wants to divide us again: old, young, nerds, jocks, bikers, pedestrians, coffee drinkers vs tea drinkers….' I hate that. Diversity isn't a word to me, it's what makes life worthwhile.

That's why I like h2g2. Somewhere on the internet, there has to be a place where everybody gets together. Where our places of residence merely give us the opportunity to run out and take pictures everybody else wants to see (thanks again for that Eiffel Tower, Superfrenchie!). Where our different ages, hobbies, professions, and nationalities mean we are privy to information that others may be able to use. That's why we're writing the Guide. So let social media rant on. We'll just keep doing our thing. That's why we're here.

Speaking of here, there's a lot going on in this issue. Here's a brief list:
Lola Asleep by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Nature is everywhere, even in surprising places. Get a load of Willem's painting and an array of photos from all over. Birds invade cafes, (il)literacy invades the Highland woods, and fish pose at Glastonbury. You'll like.
  • Help critique the black-and-white art photography. When these people are as famous as Alfred Stieglitz2, you can say you knew them when.
  • There are cartoons and other humorous items scattered throughout. We leave you to find them.
  • Bluebottle has been drinking beer again. Read his article to find out why this is news. Also to find out what it all has to do with a Boojum.
  • There's one quiz and a photo to caption (see right), more useless Editorial ranting to scoff at, and a cinema review you won't want to miss (please turn down your hearing aids so they don't whistle).
  • Speaking of 'don't miss', be sure to keep up with the doings in Hooverville, h2g2's November answer to Ulysses. Will Sheriff Rowdybush catch the criminals who caused the fire atop the town hall? Will the lane-crossed biker lovers be reunited? Will everybody gain five pounds this month from eating all those virtual waffles? Seriously, read it: this stuff is funny, and you won't find it anywhere else.

And that's all I had to say about that. Read this week's issue, and have a productive and enjoyable week!

30 Hours in Hooverville by Freewayriding
Here is where you will find the Post NaJoPoMo fiction-writing project, '30 Hours in Hooverville'. You are welcome to kibitz and heckle the players. Join us for, if not heart-stopping action, at least some fun snark in this imaginary (and highly imaginative) town.

Quote of the Week: We are all hats. But some of us are being worn.


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Royal Albert Bridge by Cactuscafe


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