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Posted: 11th November 2019

Of Greetings, Partings, Nostalgia, and Plans

The Waffelhaus by Tavaron
See that? That's the Waffelhaus. Invented by Tavaron, who has but a dim inkling of what a Waffle House is, or why the pun, but who definitely knows what a good café should look like. The international cast of participants in '30 Hours in Hooverville' are, quite possibly, the bravest writers h2g2 has ever seen, and that's saying a lot. All this month, they will be busy bringing you the novel-writing experiment that is an hour-by-hour account of life in a fictional Pennsylvania town, bears, organs, sirens, bikes and all. You won't want to miss out on the (in)action: for nearly a week, most of the town was asleep, with the exception of the politically-correct bikers. This will change. To give you a taste, we've gathered the first hour's worth of nonsense and put it in this issue. Be sure to drop by and egg them all on.
What's in this issue? Oh, so many wonderful things:
Keyboard by SashaQ

  • Music! Sasha discos to the classics once more, while I premiere my new pop song. Yes, I composed it, and no, you won't see it on MTV, and apologies in advance for any earworm incidents that may occur.
  • Our cinema critic has a treat for you. Awix has boldly gone where none of has any intention of going, probably, and watched a thirteen-and-a-half-hour movie! You can read his review here. Help celebrate this epic achievement in nerdiness.
  • Willem brings us another vulture. We're impressed by the variety. Also, there are no quizzes again, because the Editor is on quiz strike. Anybody who wants to submit one would be more than welcome. The Editor has been talked out of a Writing Right strike, so you get more useless musings on the craft of writing, this time in regards to imaginary critters and their existential ängste.
  • Speaking of writing, and motivation, and such: Paulh has a very funny story for you. It made me laugh, anyway. Willem continues the colourful saga of Desideria the Demoness. For those who have been following Bluebottle's epic adventure 'What the Dinosaur', we have bittersweet news: this week's installment is the series finale. (Sniff.) Don't miss this poignant farewell to the Isle of Wight's prehistoric visitor. Please direct complaints about the ending to the showrunner. The Editor had nothing to do with it. SashaQ continues to catalogue the ups and downs of office life.
  • Amy P concludes her series 'If h2g2 Never Existed'. It is a monumental accomplishment, and we hope you'll drop by and discuss it with her.
  • There's humour. There are amazing photos. Some are in full colour, some black-and-white, and one we're not sure about. There are also signs and other objects of puzzlement. Please read, enjoy, comment, speculate, and caption, as directed.

Enjoy this week's issue, and keep warm, wherever you're going!

30 Hours in Hooverville by Freewayriding
Here is where you will find the Post NaJoPoMo fiction-writing project, '30 Hours in Hooverville'. You are welcome to kibitz and heckle the players. Join us for, if not heart-stopping action, at least some fun snark in this imaginary (and highly imaginative) town.

Quote of the Week: Those were the days. When the ships were still made of wood and the men of steel...

Fireman Fred (Caiman Raptor Elk)

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Library Crowd
Library Crowd by Dmitri Gheorgheni


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