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Vidéo: Surréalisme

Une vache andalouse

Upon viewing this video, cinema critic Cactuscafé penned this epic review:

This must be heatstroke. I am seeing cows. Many cows. Curious cows in black and white, with a soundtrack river of many notes, a soothing river. In the spaces where the cow meets the note, I am found. I am discovered. I am helped.

Life will not be the same, this I know. Call me Yamaha, says my fever. I am your friend. The cow will stare, and graze. It is not a passing phase. I like cows, you never know when you will meet one. One must be prepared.

Your results may vary.

The auteur's note: I have a theory about the film I stole these cow clips from. Dr JC McDowell was apparently the head of the USDA Dairy Board back in the 1940s. He seems to have been a very strange man. My theory is that the director of this government epic, called – I'm not lying – 'When the Cows Come Home', didn't like Dr McDowell very much. It's not clear whether he liked cows. Anyway, the potato is the pièce de résistance in this exercise in surréalisme. And that's all the French I'm gonna spell today.

Click here for the video, or watch the embedded version in your Pliny-skin page.

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