Animated Asterix Films: 'Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion'

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Animated Asterix Films:
Asterix the Gaul | Asterix and Cleopatra | The Twelve Tasks of Asterix | Asterix versus Cæsar
Asterix in Britain | Asterix and the Big Fight | Asterix Conquers America
Asterix and the Vikings | Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods | Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion

Released in France in December 2018 with an English language dub released in summer 2019.


English LanguageFrench Language
Getafix, village druid who makes the Magic PotionJohn InnesPanoramix Bernard Alane
Asterix, heroic warriorKen KramerAstérixChristian Clavier
Obelix, menhir1 delivery manC Ernst HarthObélixGuillaume Briat
Demonix, evil druidMike ShepherdSulfurix Daniel Mesguich
Pectin, village girlFleur DelahuntyPectineLévanah Solomon
Vitalstatistix, village chiefDon Brown Abraracourcix Serge Papagalli
Julius Cæsar, Roman dictatorMark Oliver César Philippe Morier-Genoud
Unhygenix, fishmongerJason SimpsonOrdralfabétixFrançois Morel
Fulliautomatix, blacksmithScott McNeil CétautomatixLionnel Astier
Impedimenta, Vitalstatistix's wifeSaffron Henderson Bonemine Florence Foresti
Bacteria, Unhygenix's wifeIélosubmarineJoëlle Sevilla
Cacofonix, talentless bardAndrew Cownden Assurancetourix Arnaud Léonard
Geriatrix, village elderRon Halder Agecanonix Laurent Morteau
Mrs Geriatrix, his much-younger wifeMme AgecanonixLuna Karys
Somniferus, centurionOursenplus Alexandre Astier
Marcus Ubiquitus, legionaryCubitus Elie Semoun
AtmospherixGérard Hernandez
Senator Calus Fraudulus Tomcrus2, Cæsar's advisorSénateur TomcrusOlivier Saladin
Cakemix, senior druidBrian Drummond
Cholerix, promising young druid

Roger Carel, who had voiced Asterix in French since the 1960s, had retired and so was replaced by Christian Clavier who had played Asterix in the first two live action films.

Let's Bash the Romans: The Making

In 2014 Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods was the year's most successful animated film in France, where it made $26 million and over $55 million worldwide, despite not being released in the US at all. After this phenomenal success a sequel was inevitable. Again French studio Mikros Animation, a division of Mikros Image and owned by Technicolor, did the animation, with film made by writer/director Alexandre Astier and former Pixar animator Louis Clichy. This was produced by M6 Studio who had produced both previous Asterix animated films. The production and merchandising budget was €37 million.

1A large standing stone or megalith, typically found in Ireland, Great Britain and Brittany, which is where Asterix is set.2Previously known as minor character Senator Consensus in Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods.

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