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paulh, hiding under my bed

this is a distinctive-looking bird. It would be welcome anywhere!

A for its fondness for marsh rats, I would gladly send it some if I could catch them and transport them. But I'd rather not touch the icky things smiley - yuk. What I *can* catch is mice, and I'm not eager to send them anywhere except the dumpster on my street.

Then there is the subject of eucalyptus trees. When I looked up the status of the trees in South Africa, I found something of a love-hate relationship. The love part has to do with their value for lumber and bee foraging resources.

The hate part can be summed up here:

Eucalyptus trees can grow in zone 7 (Boston is in zone 6, thus too cold for them), but we may well warm up enough to change this. We already can support fig trees and gardenias smiley - erm

I would have very kindly feelings toward the eagle featured above if it could come here and reduce the size of our rabbit population. smiley - sadface

There is so much to enjoy here

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Hello! Don't you have rabbit-eating eagles over there?

Yes eucalypts do cause serious problems here. They really suck up lots of water. We have a region here called the Nyl River Floodplain, and because of eucalypts they planted there, a lot of the wetland dried up. As soon as they removed the trees, the water started flowing again!

There is so much to enjoy here

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paulh, hiding under my bed

Our eagles are about 60 west of here, nesting on islands in the Quabbin reservoir.

But we have eastern Screech Owls in the Arboretum, which is about three miles away. They definitely will eat rabbits. Great Horned owls have also been reported there.

The trouble is, there might not be enough of them to do the job. Rabbit sightings have been very common lately.

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Invest in coyotes and bobcats!

There is so much to enjoy here

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paulh, hiding under my bed

Not a bad idea.

[smiley - run to ebay to buy a coyote]

There is so much to enjoy here

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paulh, hiding under my bed

[smiley - nur back]

Not worth it!

I'll take my chances with the bunnies. Rabbit repellent works okay when I remember to sue it. smiley - erm

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