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Posted: 10th June 2019

h2g2 Encounters Nature (Among Other Things)

Cygnet Rescue by Galaxy Babe We asked, you answered. h2g2 Researchers have been outdoors, encountering Nature. Most of us realise that everything isn't about us, and that it's a privilege to take part in the wonder. Our Galaxy Babe helped rescue a lost cygnet (that's a baby swan) and guide it to a good home. Read the exciting story here.

Caiman Raptor Elk has been out on the frontier, as well. You will have to see what he did to believe it, so it's a good thing he took pictures. We are suitably awed by his mountain-climbing skills. We're glad he didn't try Everest: there seems to have been less of a queue in Italy.

As you can tell, we have awesomeness to share this week, so get ready to dig in. First, a word from our Create sponsor: if you haven't sent in your 'encounter with Nature' report yet, get to work. Now on to this week's goodies:

    Towel Day Tribute by Bluebottle
  • Bluebottle's Towel Day cartoon went viral on social media. We publish this wonder by popular request. We also have a lot of cartoons and comics you didn't ask for. You're getting them, anyway. Please pretend to be delighted and say, 'Oh, just what I always wanted, another snarky cartoon.' SashaQ is still making us nod in recognition at the workplace foibles, while Willem is opening our eyes to new vistas seen by Desideria and her cohorts. Personally, the Post Editor is a big fan of Tempesteia, the adorable jane with the purple tresses. You go, girl!
  • Cities have attractions, too: Sho was in Ulm (and um Ulm, as you will see) and took some cool photos. The sign will make you laugh. (Yes, we translated for you. Ulm is in Germany.)
  • We have some fun quizzes. See what you know or can guess about Nature. We know this quiz will be popular, because the all-time most-searched Guide Entry is Animal Sex.
  • Willem has a bird he saw the other day. Look at that bird and think, 'Willem saw that the other day.'
  • The black-and-white photography challenge is in its second week. Feast your eyes on shapes, lines, and textures. Freewayriding and bobstafford invite all and sundry to participate in this exercise in art appreciation. This week: landscapes real and imagined, a tribute to the past, and an eerie clockscape.
  • Do you sometimes wonder if h2g2 reaches outside its virtual borders and affects the universe (read: internet) at large? We're here to tell you that this does happen. Okay, Galaxy Babe is here to tell you that. Read about an inspiration she ran across recently.
  • Yes, there's fiction. There's also more useless advice for you to ignore. There is cinema. Superheroes again. (Somebody must like them.)

So, share and enjoy! Read, comment, pass along on social media, send more Stuff! And have a great week out there in and out of Nature.

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