Cygnet Rescue!

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Cygnet Rescue!

A newly-expanded swan family.

Galaxy Babe writes:

We went for an early morning walk around Thorpe Park. On the way in, we spotted a cygnet waddling down the middle of the road. Another couple joined us trying to catch it so it could be taken to the lake, a long way away, to at least give the poor thing a chance. I managed to catch it and it stopped meeping and settled in my hands. I could feel its little heart beating! It also sneezed at me... We found a lake where there was a swan family, although the cygnets looked bigger than the one I was holding, deep breath, I placed it on the grass verge and backed right off away from the adult swans. The cygnet immediately began to meep and one of the adult swans swam over to investigate. Then splish! In dived my cygnet, swimming over to the other cygnets and the adult swan enclosed it within the group. This is my partner's photo as he managed to zoom in, we weren't that close. The other lady and myself stood there with tears in our eyes, as we watched the little family swim off together. Nature is awesome, isn't it?

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