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Posted: 27th May 2019

Biological Exuberance

How Many Dollops of Cat? by bobstafford Do you remember this photo by bobstafford? When it was published in the Post earlier this month, it had four immediate effects:

  1. Everybody except Paulh went 'awww….'
  2. Paulh changed his tagline to ' Sleeping cats are pretty boring, all things considered'.
  3. The Post Editor got ticked off.
  4. The Post Editor wrote a short story about a sleeping cat that contains excitement.

You will be able to read this opus in this week's issue of the h2g2 Post. You will also be able to read other, possibly worthier fiction, because we have a storytime bonanza this week. Paulh has an in-depth look at fairy construction workers, while Pinniped has found out more than even he wanted to know about horseshoes. Meanwhile, Paigetheoracle waxes speculative with a cautionary tale about smart houses. We've got your entertainment mapped out.

American Robin with Worm by Dmitri Gheorgheni, Nosy Wildlife Photographer
  • Speaking of stories, the comics continue. Find out what Desideria and her friends are up to. Follow SashaQ's real-life employment adventures. See what NASA have done now.
  • Enjoy the cartoons. And keep 'em coming, we like them.
  • Find out what Awix has seen in the cinema this week. What will Review #601 bring? More cinema thrills, that's what. What do hitmen and high school girls have in common? Awix is talking about them.
  • Learn about Nguni cattle, and why they're special.
  • Our photographers love the following things, in no particular order:
    • Cats.
    • Tree roots.
    • Roads that go up, down, and all curvy.
    • Weird, weird things that you don't see anywhere else.
  • We have jokes. Some of them are so old, we set them to music. If you get really bored, you can caption a cat. (Not Paulh. He's on the cats' Poop List.)
  • When you're finished reading all this, take the Post Quiz. You'll see why.
  • Share and enjoy!

Remember to take a look at the new Create Challenge, and record your own encounters with nature. The latest encounter of Elektra Gheorgheni has her demanding the Editor set up an infrared camera to catch that raccoon in the Post Office backyard. It is admittedly annoying that the little bandit undid the twist ties (!) and stole an entire cake of suet from the Hanging Cow dispenser, much to the chagrin of the local birds. He's a piggy with the disturbing manual dexterity of his tribe. The next night she forgot to take the suet in, he made off with the whole dispenser, and we haven't found it yet. Tell us about your adventures! And have a great week!

PS: Thanks to all who made Towel Day a social media success. Especially Bluebottle, whose cartoon was 'liked' more than 42 times on Twitter alone. But then, towels aren't only for Towel Day, as h2g2ers know. Keep the faith!

Quote of the Week: tools are very powerful, but also very temperamental in 'real world' situations...


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Encounters with Nature

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