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Posted: 24th September 2018

Falling into Autumn

A perfect blue sky

Are you feeling seasonal change where you are? Down in South Africa, Willem's having spring. He's busy planting and such. But he still took the time to bring us not one, but two special reports: one is prehistoric, the other is weird trees. Sorry, they're not weird. They're bonsai, and they're pretty. Let him tell it. We're grateful for the unique combination of knowledge, skill, and cool networking that went into this double feature.
I think that one of the things that lies at the heart of who we are is the continued passion for sharing information, wonder and curiosity about the world.
Robbie Stamp

We thought we'd share those words from the latest Core Team meeting. Robbie's right, you know: what's remarkable about h2g2 is that we're nosy about the world. And once we find out the answers to our questions, we can't wait to share. It's what keeps the Edited Guide growing, and the h2g2 Post appearing every week.

That, and the snark.

Speaking of snark and other desirable things, here are some of this week's contentual highlights (you provide the context):
Bubbles the cat plays a lullaby
  • Musical Adventures: The Post Editor shares some musical and cognitive dissonance in 'Diary of an Itinerant Musician'. Find out how we managed to get lost two blocks from home, and what a modern-day Woodstock doesn't look like. Also for your enjoyment: a video entitled 'Piano in Hyperspace'. You may need Dramamine for this one.
  • Amazing Photography: Talk about your wonder and curiosity – we've got it in the photography department. Our photographs range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Caption and comment accordingly.
  • Fiction! You didn't think we could top last week's storytelling extravaganza. As a certain world leader says, 'Wrong.' (Sorry, now I've put that image in your head…) We have great new stories by Freewayriding and Paigetheoracle. Paige gets the Editor's 'Ouida Award1' for being a writer who both deeply moves us, and at the same time, fills us with the almost irresistible urge to hit him over the head with a heavy object. Read 'The Accident'. That sentence will make sense.
  • Travel That Broadens the Mind: Bluebottle has taken care of that department this week. If your mind isn't broadened by BB's take on Euro Disney, it must already have been pretty attenuated. His excursus on French language pedagogy alone is worth the price of admission.
  • The Usual Stuff: Yes, there's humour, often of the 'WTF?' variety. There are quizzes. There is the customary useless advice. Paigetheoracle (see above) has another brilliant invention idea to share with you. In the meantime, Freewayriding serves as our wine connoisseur for the week. (See h2g2 Rant.)
Green beans cooling
As you can tell, we're eclectic, eccentrically fixated, and as full of snark as a pub full of Yorkshiremen. So enjoy. Read, leave comments. Help us figure out what stuff is and how it works. Share your information, curiosity, and wonder about the world.

And remember: our inbox wants you. You have a camera in your mobile. Use it for a good purpose. Don't just put the thing to your ear.

And have a good week!

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  • Video
  • Piano in Hyperspace.



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