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FWR (Flamin' Crumpet Productions General Flunky)

Good point about enjoying art post school. Loved drawing but my school hated my work, rather disturbing was a frequent comment!

Must dig the old sketch book out and leave digital stuff alone for a while!

Is the etching print Chester? Or posh Liverpool lol.smiley - cheerssmiley - applause


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

smiley - laugh Yeah, I think it must be difficult for teachers to assign marks to students' work, but I'm sure they could be more encouraging... h2g2 certainly appreciates your artistic work, though! You're an asset to the Guide smiley - ok

For this Entry I went sketching in Port Sunlight A87831778
smiley - biggrin


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Yes, well done – I hope you keep us updated smiley - artist

I too didn't enjoy art at school. Being colour blind I just wanted to draw in black and white but the teachers always insisted that I coloured everything in, and then would humiliate me by saying loudly how I'd colour what I hadn't wanted to colour-in in the first place wrong.



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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

That is terrible...

Adult learning art classes seem to be much more mature in more ways than one - another one I went to, the tutor told the story of a disabled person he knew who took up art. One of the class members piped up something along the lines of, "Aahh, how lovely that the disabled person did art even though what he produced must obviously have been rubbish because of being disabled". The tutor then explained that the person's disability actually enhanced his art because it allowed him to paint in a way that was distinct from 'normal'...

So there! No such thing as 'wrong' smiley - artistsmiley - magic


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Elektragheorgheni -Please read 'The Post'

Sasha, I am really impressed with your hand sketch---I think hands are difficult to get all the proportions correct. smiley - applause Keep up the good work.


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

Thank you Elektra smiley - biggrin I felt as though I could have done better, so your comment is very reassuring smiley - biggrin

I've got my eye on another art workshop coming up soon, so if I get a place I'll definitely report back on how I get on there, too! smiley - artist


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Dmitri Gheorgheni - Not Banned in China

smiley - cool Please do - you're encouraging everyone else! smiley - smiley


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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Makes me want to try it too!

I got an interesting birthday gift, called "Draw your own damn coloring book"

Should get cracking!
smiley - towel


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SashaQ - happysad and 'slightly mad'

smiley - biggrin

That sounds fascinating, a draw your own colouring book - is that like dot-to-dot? smiley - bigeyes

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