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Posted: 18th June 2018

Climb Every Mountain, Ford Every Stream,
Take Every Photo, Send It to the Post

Smith River by Amy Pawloski 'Tis the season (summer or winter, depending on hemisphere) for Researchers at the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition to go exploring. We approve of this activity: they send back reports and photos. In fact, the Post Editor has processed forty-two photos this week, and you get to enjoy them all. Be grateful, and talk to the Researchers about them. Amy Pawloski has been out on the river in California, while Willem has been climbing around in South Africa. They'll tell you all about it.
A grasshopper. Ugh. At least it's in South Africa. Willem will also explain about the rain queen, as promised. He's so intrepid, he holds grasshoppers in his hand. The Post Editor not only is incapable of doing this, due to a childhood phobia, but required considerable effort even to upload the pics. To each his own brand of courage1.

A Cycad
Dinosaurs are also a topic this week. The cycad forest Willem visited boasts trees that come from the age of the great thunder lizards. And behold: Awix the Film Critic has been watching a brand-new, up-to-date film about them, as well. Personally, I told him, I agree with Jeff Goldblum in those films – dinosaurs are extinct for a very good reason. They should stay extinct. Many years ago, I taught little kids to sing this dinosaur song:

I'm glad there are no dinosaurs, They are extinct today.

I'm glad I never see one when I go out to play.

For they were even fiercer than the tigers in the zoo,

And I would be afraid that one would come and eat me, too.

So much for dinosaurs. Enjoy the review. (It's really good: the review, not the film.)

We have other things this week. Of course, there are the usual lame jokes, useless advice, and head-scratching quizzes. We also have some journal gems from this month's Create challenge. If you haven't sent us a personal favourite yet, what are you waiting for?

Bluebottle reminds us to go out and advertise our latest book. This is a very useful activity. Is your work in the book? Plug it shamelessly. Drop hints to friends, relatives, and neighbours. (Somebody on our street is getting a copy for a birthday gift today.) Bluebottle shows you how to do it. We expect high sales figures from the Isle of Wight.

19 June is an important date in the United States: it's called Juneteenth. This day marks the emancipation of African Americans in Texas following the US Civil War. In memory of this, we bring you a personal account by an eyewitness to the events of that time. Why get your history secondhand when you can go to the source, we always say. They don't call us Researchers for nothing.
Ghost on a motorbike
This week is also fiction week! Freewayriding has a little tale that will bring chills to your spine. Paigetheoracle and I have tackled a new 'science fiction' topic: the Mandela Effect. In case you haven't heard of it, the Mandela Effect is the latest conspiracy theory junking up my Twitter feed and Youtube notifications, whereby people with faulty memories insist that because they can't spell Berenstain Bears correctly, evil time-travelling aliens have been tampering with reality. They seem to be particularly interested in brand names, logos, and obscure movie lines, these aliens. Lately, however, they've branched out and are tackling more serious areas of reality than even the theme song to Gilligan's Island: allegedly, Mount Rushmore is becoming more detailed. These evil time-travelling interlopers appear to be monolingual, as we haven't seen any claims of non-English-speaking interference. Altered signs in Chinese would be a welcome innovation. At any rate, you saw it here first, friends: we're mining this topic for snark.

As usual, there's lots to see and read, and plenty of fodder for new discussions and future submissions on your part. Share and enjoy, froods, and have a great week out there!
Original design for Mount Rushmore. Not the Mandela Effect
Not the Mandela Effect

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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1On the other hand, I like petting snakes, and do not comprehend the common revulsion.

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