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Posted: 4th June 2018

June is Busting Out

Scottish Landscape in Spring by Paigetheoracle
Spring in Scotland by Paigetheoracle

What a year! Less than a month ago, it was snowing outside the Post Office. Last Monday, we turned on the a/c in the car, drove out to the farm, and jumped into the pool, which was freshly filled with local spring water. Today it is 30°C, and the Post menagerie are complaining about the heat. What's the weather like where you are? We need reports, preferably pictorial. We have a lot of planet to keep tabs on.

Speaking of keeping tabs: you've all ordered your personal copies of Twice-42: Wit and Wisdom from a Mostly Harmless Planet, right? If not, get to it! How else will h2g2 become the galaxy-renowned source for information on Life, the Universe, and Everything that it's meant to be? Speaking of which, US readers need to remember to vote early and often over at PBS.
Cat WrestlemaniaSee that photo? I didn't even have to move. That's what's going on under the Editorial desk. You see, Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty has woken up to the fact that she's got what she's always wanted, all her life, an assistant of her own that doubles as a sparring partner. It's a little one-sided at the moment, but TJ is feisty, and we've taken a look at his feet. He's going to be a large tomcat, and Molly will get quite a surprise one of these days.

On to this issue, which is absolutely chock-a-block with high-quality Stuff. We'll give you a quick rundown:
    Cat Wrestlemania
  • Nature at its most incredible: Willem's flufftailed birds. Paigetheoracle's Scottish gorse and massive rhododendron. (I've been fussing at him for making me remember how to spell 'rhododendron'.) The Hoggetts' amazing giant eggs, our gratuitous clickbait of the week. That's not forced perspective, like those giant hogs and such you see on the cheap websites. Those chickens are really doing this. The ducks won't shut up about it.
  • Intellectual Stuff like quizzes and high-class British cinema and bad writing advice and ancient art and arcane humour. You know you like it, just don't tell the lads at the pub.
  • History: Old history, like the US Civil War in a diary. Recent history, like the Towel Day Roundup. You people rocked those towels.
  • Cat Wrestlemania
  • More accessible humour (thank Paigetheoracle and others).
  • Beautiful pics from all over (thank the photographers). bobstafford shows you how to take a stunning time exposure.
  • Evil and not-so-evil clowns.
  • Many, many cats. We have kittens, and are not afraid to use them.

You know you're going to enjoy this issue, so why wait? Dig in! Read, leave comments, plan to send Stuff. Remember to re-read your journals for inspiration and excerpts for the Create Challenge this month.

Enjoy what you're doing, wherever you are. Have a wonderful week, my friends!
Tired Kitty by Dmitri Gheorgheni
TJ after all this exercise.

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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