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Posted: 5th March 2018

A Month of Madness

An eye with a reflected snow scene. As I, your Post Editor, write this, there is an unfamiliar object in the sky outside. I believe it's what they call the Sun…

Spring might come after all. Groundhog or no Groundhog.

That picture over there is by Kitkat Hoggett. She's pretty observant, and her amazing photo nicely illustrates this month's Create theme, which is Hindsight. What do you see when you look back? A rosy picture? Or an apocalyptic horror? Tell us all about it. Or show us. Plenty of room in the virtual gallery here.

Have we got interesting reading for you this week? Does Zaphod have two heads and three arms? Let's list some of the delights contained herein:

  • Who knew there were more Gysboks out there? Willem, that's who. Look and learn.
  • Two of our writers start off the month's Create theme with two quite different looks back. One is prose, one is poetry. One is content, one is wistful. Either way, there's lots to think about here. Get inspired.
  • We quiz you on business history. See what you know.
  • A few weeks ago, I was complaining about my new laptop. 'What is a Paint 3D when it's at home,' I wondered, 'and what can you do with it?' SashaQ sprang to our rescue. Sasha can be counted on to understand technology. Read, admire, learn something new.
  • Reality BiteZ by FWR
  • March is also Zombie Month! Yes, readers: all month, you can read the new Freewayriding serial! Your favourite shuffling Undead are here! Excitement, adventure, Segways, and really dead things! Grr, aargh! Dig it.
  • Awix has cinema doings. He's pleased with himself about something,
    and we're pleased he's pleased. Go and read the review, and then that sentence will make sense. (Or not.)
  • In addition to our usual good photography, we have good photography advice, courtesy of bobstafford. This week, Bob tells us how to pick a good digital camera. This is knowledge you can actually use. It's also good for the Post: we want your photos!
  • Bluebottle has been tormenting librarians. We really shouldn't approve, but this literary prank is irresistible. US readers: you may not get the joke. I didn't. I had to look it up. Once you've read about the prank, google 'JR Hartley'. All will become clear. Brits, of course, will get it right away. Enjoy the Book Borrowing Blog.
  • Have you heard about the alien asteroid that's streaking through our galactic neighbourhood? We've got some pics and a video. Nigel thinks the name is weird. Nigel should talk.
  • Speaking of Nigel and such, we have the usual feeble humour and useless advice.

A selection of digital cameras, by bobstafford
There. That should hold you till we get a rope. Or until next week, when we'll have more fun and games.

In the meantime, you know what's expected of you. Read, leave comments, write more Stuff. Get out there and enjoy the sunshine when you can. And tell us what you've been up to, with photos. Remember: even if you don't have a digital camera, you've probably got a mobile phone. Use it for something besides annoying other people in the queue.

And now, I must go outside. My doctor told me to get more vitamin D. Have a great week!

Obligatory cat photo, showing a very cute sleeping kitten
Obligatory Cat Photo

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