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Posted: 22nd January 2018

All Shall Be Well Again

Snow everywhere. Again.Spring flowers in a field
What it looks like outside right now.What we wish it looked like outside right now.
And this shall be well,
And all manner of things shall be well.

Julian of Norwich and TS Eliot. (Also Sydney Carter.)

Molly demonstrating that cats are liquidWhat can we do? It keeps snowing around here, the dog is complaining that it's over her head, and Molly the Editorial Assistant Kitty is demonstrating the well-known scientific fact that Cats Are Liquid. Yes, we buy them beds. They shove them under the furniture and go sleep in the Amazon box. There's no reasoning with the local fauna. Ask Bluebottle: his household – on the snow-free Isle of Wight! – has been enlarged by Oliver, the Adorable Kitty. We expect him to become one of the Post's stars. In this issue, Bluebottle and Oliver will illustrate How to Make a Cat Toy. You will be edified. There are also Cute Kitty Pics.

What else have we got in this issue to chase away the blahs? Let's see:
  • Birds from all over: Willem's is from Africa, and Sasha's are from the zoo (in the UK, but some are immigrants). There's a jaguar, too, which is definitely not eating any birds.
  • We have quizzes and puzzles and things to caption, oh my. See what you know about Utah and argyles and phrases and things that start with W on the Isle of Wight. (There. I've mentioned it twice.)
  • We have Opinions. Well, of course we do. But this week, people share Opinions on all kinds of burning questions, from 'Who invented knitting?' to 'Are fidget spinners strictly necessary?'
  • We have one poem, and one short story installment. We are rationing your fiction intake, because we heard you ate too much chocolate last week. You'll enjoy the ongoing mermaid tale, though.
  • Awix happens by with a cinema tip. The other day, he emailed to ask which of two films to go and see, then posted back a few hours later,
    'Your wish is my review.' Read all about the film, which I'd love to go and see, if only it would stop snowing...

So, read, already! Show the pictures to your cat. Shout your disagreement at the computer screen. Leave comments. Email us with your submissions. Remember, you're thinking about pioneers this month. Or anything you like, really. And if it isn't snowing in your neighbourhood, we'd really, really appreciate a photo. Somewhere, the sun must be shining.

And have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Malachite Kingfisher by Willem.
  • Bali Starling by SashaQ.




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