Mouse Journey

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Mouse Journey

Some mice having a wine and cheese party.

Next week I am embarking on a journey of reconciliation.

I will be on a train to a seaside resort where two young souls fell out and parted, to eat chips in the rain and watch old newspapers blowing across the deserted bandstand.

If this was a film script it would be intense, with edgy music. A seemingly estranged brother and sister meet in their hometown after several years.

The gulls will screech too loud and they will be too proud to talk. Once again they part. What is the hurt they share?

However, they say smiling is good for health, so I shall travel hopefully.

After all, in this case my brother and I only fell out about a white mouse.

smiley - mouse

This would ruin the intensity of the film.

He kept the mouse in his room, but I took it to the beach one day to show it the world and it disappeared forever.

Time has moved on.

I will be carrying a new white mouse for his young son.

I hope it doesn't escape on the train. We'll fall out all over again.

smiley - esuom

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