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Posted: 2nd January 2017

What Fresh Madness Is This?

Brightly lit bears in Exeter. Our Cactuscafe spotted these brilliantly lit bears in Exeter over the holidays. We knew you'd enjoy them, so there they are. The bears also remind us that, though we may view the advent of anno 2017 with some caution, not all bears need be a cause for alarm. There are sure to be bright spots in the gloom. In fact, we may find the coming days enlightening. We at the h2g2 Post wish you and yours all the best for the new year: hopefully, one full of inspiring challenges. A special shout-out to the good folks of Augsburg, Germany, who were confronted on Christmas morning with an unexploded piece of WWII ordnance. They met this less than inspiring challenge with aplomb1.

Speaking of challenges (see how I did that?), the Create Team have one for you. Read, admire the picture, and plan to tell us how you stopped the world. Fans of Carlos Castaneda will appreciate the reference. The rest of you will say huh, Dmitri again, and just find us a cool anecdote to enjoy. Galaxy Babe has news about the sky-watching challenges coming up: eclipses and space crashes and missions, oh my. Closer to home, Bluebottle's back with Guide Entry news and words of encouragement for you writers. Pay heed.

This super bumper first issue of 2017 (I have to get used to writing that date) has lots to gawk at. There are more bears than the ones in Exeter: I found a giant teddy in a field. Look, wonder, make snarky caption. You'll also want to ooh and ah over Willem's canaries. South Africa is beautiful. Awix is here with cinema to wonder at, too.

Snow in Austria.
Not all of our pictures are reality-based. Freewayriding is our master photoshopper, and in this issue, he shares some of his expertise. In addition to letting you in on how to repurpose all that tinfoil you've been hoarding against the apocalypse, FWR will demonstrate how to get kittehs to bob for apples. We are awestruck.

We've come over science fiction-minded in the new year. While FWR ponders aliens and motorbikes, the Editor wonders about that staple of the genre, the Mind Probe[TM], and finds it in an unlikely place. I've also got a story for you: ripped from the US headlines. With the incoming administration, we expect the headlines to read more like science fiction every day. We may need to employ extra fact checkers. And we're going to find ourselves wanting those January Create suggestions, so get to work and tell us how to stop the world. The inauguration's on the 20th.

I know it's cold and bleak out there. I know it's snowing on everybody in Hootooland (except Willem, who's out watching canaries). I know you're still picking tinsel out of the cat beds. But cheer up! We have met reality, and we can overcome it! We just need a few more photoshopped pictures and a story or two! Send more Stuff!

And wear that new muffler you got for Christmas! Keep warm, and have a wonderful week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Forest Canary by Willem.
  • Enormous teddy bear in field.



  • How to make kittehs bob4appuls.
  • An alien on a motorbike.

  • Create January Challenge 2017.

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1World War Two: the gift that keeps on giving. Let that be a lesson to you, politicians. Do not do this again.

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