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Posted: 24th October 2016

Colour Us October

The marigolds are hanging in there. Fall's been lingering on in my neighbourhood. Giving us a chance to appreciate those colours, admire the autumn flowers, play with Chippie the porch chipmunk, and get used to the earlier evenings. Of course, it's not like that everywhere. Down in South Africa, Willem's still watering. I've promised him a rain dance if I can find the choreography. How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Send us a picture, we'd love to share.

Of course, the second half of October in a US election year like this one is the time when we start wondering if it will ever be over. When will they shut up? we lament. You will find some electorally-inspired Stuff in here. We hope the outside world will find it enlightening. We stress that no bad language has been used, which is more than we can say of the US election itself, alas. We would like to point out that the clown in this issue has nothing to do with the election. He may be creepy, but he's not making any political statements.

We have strange sightings and eerie tales. Minorvogonpoet brings us a chilling fictional yarn about a real location. The Prof returns with an oldie but goodie of the seasonal variety. Icy North invites you to be pithy about the strange combination of watercress and. . . morris dancing? Oh, well. Nothing's too weird for us this month.

This is very true of the silver screen. I was hoping Awix would take the cinematic high road, but the perfidious reviewer has been to see another Dan Brown movie. So it serves him right that the Ninja Reviewer ventures into the dark New England (well, Canadian, it's cheaper) woods with the creepy tale of The VVitch. (Yeah, I spelled that right. Don't ask.) Lest the Mississippi River be left out of this geographical mishmash, we've got a blast from the exploratory past that will explain why it was named after the Holy Ghost. At least in French.

If Icy makes you hungry for watercress, Tavaron's going to make your mouths water for apple cake. See our 'Garden to Table Report' for a combination of agricultural and culinary expertise.

Grab yourself an Esopus Spitzenburg, or some cider, or even a handful of watercress, and settle down with this week's issue. It's just what the scarecrow ordered. And have a wonderful week!

Breaking News: If you've seen the announcement, you know: there's a contest going on. If you haven't, check the Front Page. Come up with your image of the 'ideal h2g2 home' – and yes, you may be imaginative and/or snarky – and win two tickets to the Ideal Home Exhibition in London next month. They promise there will be badges.
More Breaking News: Thanks to Superfrenchie, h2g2 is now on Instagram. If you use the service, search for h2g2_Guide, and like all our pics. Follow us. We are a social media powerhouse.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Kiwi by Willem.
  • Morris dancers at the watercress festival.


  • 24 Lies a Second

  • '...definitely inclines more towards
    the preposterously daft end
    of the Dan Brown spectrum...'

  • The Post Quiz
  • Elections sans peine
    Okay, you can't avoid the pain.
    But you'll enjoy the factoids.


  • A dark landscape.
  • Apples from an Austrian garden.


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