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Posted: 20th June 2016

A Flood of Stories

Magwitch's Flood. You've heard of Noah's Flood, I suppose. Well, this is Magwitch's. Mags is a lot tougher than that epic hero1. You see, Mags went out in this flood. And yes, it was necessary. She needed to go shopping. She sent me this pic, and then the conversation went like this:

Me: 'I'm assuming you have no beavers in your neighbourhood?'

Mags: 'No, just ducks. Oh aye, it was 'The Day It Rained Forever' yesterday. And I went out in it, I bought three new cool skirts, though...'

Well, as long as it's important, Ms Noah, sure, you can open the Ark door…

We hope all you UK Researchers have dried out by now. But just in case, we won't gloat about the sunshine we're having elsewhere.

Speaking of Elsewhere, that's where everybody's been or is going. Willem, of course, is always Elsewhere, being in South Africa, so he's showing us a rare gazelle. He's promised us that there's a really tall tree in our future, so we're watching the email.

FWR continues his tale of France, which is definitely Elsewhere (unless you're Superfrenchie). The saga follows the 'stupid English bikers' as they fight petrol shortages, linguistic ignorance, and the ubiquity of Mickey D's in search of a genuine Gallic experience. You'll love it.

Florida Sailor's answer to the Create Challenge this month is, 'Where do I feel free? Under sail!' Let him tell you why.

Amy Pawloski is planning to go. Her idea of Elsewhere is the UK, and she and her husband are headed there in 2017. She's here to ask you to stick some pins in a map for her.

Bluebottle, of course, is permanently Elsewhere, and we mean that in the nicest possible way. From our favourite non-mainland ancillary of Great Britain, the sage of the Flea Market brings us an illuminating rant he's chosen to call 'Beware of Geeks'. Read and agree (or disagree, just don't diss the IoW).

We've got a quiz to puzzle you with, a scary-looking cat picture for you to caption, some chuckles, a piece of wonder about Hubble, and...a science fiction story from 1901 about a honeymoon in space. Now, we dare any other venue on the worldwide interwebs to come up with this kind of variety week after week. Sometimes we astonish ourselves...

And as the Associate Editor's shopping habits will attest, nothing stops us. Not even localised flooding.

So do your part! Read, comment, send more Stuff! And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Addra Gazelle by Willem.
  • Fluffy the big pussycat, pretending to be scary.



  • June Create
  • Burgers and U-Boats and
    stupid English Bikers.

  • June Create
  • Florida Sailor feels freest
    under sail. (Surprise!)

  • Stupid English bikers.
  • A sailor, sailing.

  • Create June Challenge.

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