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Posted: 9th May 2016


Kittens, all looking in the same direction for once. This week's photo is courtesy of Mrs Hoggett, who took pity on Your Editor, who was frustrated. The kittehs wouldn't all look in the same direction for me, but they would for Mrs Hoggett, for which we thank her from the bottom of our cat-loving hearts. The kittehs are beginning to climb out of the box, much to the dismay of Princess. But mama cats and motherly humans know that sooner or later, kittens gotz to get out and explore.

So do h2g2ers. And boy, have you been exploring! Just wait till you see the bounty in this week's issue: Tavaron returns with glorious blooms from her new garden, while Florida Sailor has journeyed to the world-renowned Swanee River and brought back pics. Milla caught some people in Sweden celebrating Walpurgis Night, Willem's painted us some amazing pygmy hogs. The Editor went out to the farm and spied on some goats, and took off down the road to unearth a peculiar warning sign. All in all, it's quite a pictorial haul. We are nothing if not profusely illustrated.

We've got writing, too. Awix gives us the lowdown on heroic cinema. We invite you to match wits with a cryptographer and decipher a coded message from back in World War I (the centenary's still going on, you know). AND we have found a rare piece of science fiction that you simply won't believe. It's cool, and it's from the 1950s, and it's here, so enjoy.

There's lots of food for thought in here. Tons to explore, in other words.

A word about this month's Create Challenge. The Team would like you to reflect on the artists and entertainers the world has lost recently. Your thoughts and reflections are welcome. We at the Post would add: 'In Loving Memory' doesn't have to be about the famous, the highly-decorated, those Mentioned In Despatches. Your tribute could also be about the quietly unsung heroes who have influenced you and others. Has your appreciation for music, theatre, film, literature, or even just life itself been changed by someone who's passed on? Let us know about it.

So enjoy these explorations. Read, comment. Then get out and explore on your own. What's out there beyond the horizon? Or down at the corner shops? Send Stuff!

Oh, yeah, and have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Pygmy hogs by Willem.
  • A road sign warning about an aggressive driver.



  • Walpurgis Night fire in Lund, Sweden.
  • Suwannee River.

  • Create April Challenge.

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