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Posted: 25th April 2016

The Truth About Dogs, Cats, and the Internet

Lola peeking. Yes, we've got cute cats and dogs this week. Just wait – there's a reason besides laziness and an uncontrollable desire for the endlessly adorable... No, really. We have all manner of deep thoughts about why we enjoy sharing pictures of dogs, cats, and kittens. (Kittens aren't really the same species as cats, they just pretend to be. They are in their own category of gormless cuteness.)

As Milla said, 'Aren't cats the basis of the internet?' Well, sure. But it's bigger than that. (Bigger than cat worship? Come on!) We at h2g2 love to observe the natural world in all its variety. For most of us, most of the time, that means what we can see close by…like the moggies and pups at our house, or the birdies twittering and fighting with the squirrels outside the window. Or, in my case, the marauding deer at 3 am and the sneaky groundhog from next door who's hoping we plant more tasty vegetables this year…

We think Willem's so lucky. Just think what he sees in his neighbourhood of South African amazingness. And this week, he's got a really cute critter to share. Florida Sailor drops in from his sunny clime to explain the quotation marks around his new 'dog'. George, or Mia, you're a winner. Admiring the world, and sharing our insights, is what h2g2 is all about.

It's not all about wildlife. There are also cars. You automobile enthusiasts: have you ever heard of a Twyford? Well, be prepared to admire one. Your Editor's been on a road trip. We even spotted that great classic American highway adornment, the Mail Pouch Tobacco barn. We were only a Burma Shave sign away from real time travel.
Lola talking to some kittens.
Looking to the heavens (as always), Galaxy Babe reminds us that although cute kittens may be few and far between out there, there are still wonders to admire – such as transits. Put on your science t-shirts and get out the telescopes.

We've got speculation from Icy North on what this month's Create theme means in terms of our view of where we came from. We've got another spot-on cinema commentary from Awix. We've got some wisdom from the past, and foolishness from the Editor. So what else is new?

Which brings me to my point about cats and the internet. This week, h2g2 will celebrate its 17th birthday. That's really old in dog years. It's phenomenally ancient in internet years. Just like those Lolcats memes, we emerged from the primordial ooze of code to invent all manner of wonderful things and to assert our right to rearrange pixels and explore life, the universe, and everything, while being just as snarky as we liked.

You know what? We're still doing it. More power to your typing fingers, say I. Enjoy this issue, friends, as usual, send Stuff, and have a great birthday week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni

  • Potto by Willem.
  • Chew Mail Pouch Tobacco, on a barn.



  • Meet Mia.
  • A Twyford motorcar.

  • Create April Challenge.

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