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Posted: 8th February 2016


Giordano Bruno's memory wheel. How's your memory these days? Sharp as ever? Or do you find yourself misplacing your car keys, accusing the innocent dog, and then sheepishly pulling them out of your pocket? Aha. Maybe you need Giordano Bruno's memory wheel system. (That's a version of it over there. If it reminds you of a Cuthbertson Verb Wheel, you spent too much time in language class.) Bruno's mnemonic system is described in his ever-popular 16th-century work, De umbris idearum. Be prepared to read Latin – although Google helpfully offered to translate it for me. I declined, since I wasn't brave enough to try to read googlespeak.

Why am I nattering on about memory? I forget. Oh, yeah…because Create want us all to dredge some up. What memories have you gathered so far during your time on this or any other planet? Have you seen the C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate yet? Or is that for next holiday? What do you want to add to our databank of shared lore? Share, already. Last week, FWR gave us a moving short story on the theme of memory. This week, Florida Sailor paints us a picture of life on shipboard. See? We bet you can send us something, too.

What else is going on this week? Well, Willem's spotted something gorgeous in a tree. Some people of my acquaintance spotted a cat that was…er, reluctant to face the consequences of week-before-last's nor'easter. Then there are things spied with Sasha's little eye that start with Q…aha, so that's what 'Join the Q' is all about. Cool. Our beloved Charlotte Yonge is back with some truly glittering prose about nothing in particular. We know we shouldn't mention her name – real ladies don't like to be mentioned in public – but we can't help it. She's so adorable. Oh, and Bluebottle wants you to know that Charlotte's romantic sentiments are suitable for Valentine's greetings. If you send your beloved a Charlotte Yonge-based valentine, be sure to write and tell us how that worked out.

There's the usual snark, and film, and drollery. Read and enjoy. Commit our jokes to memory. Send Stuff.

And have a glorious week!

P.S. Oh, okay. I broke down and let Google translate that text for me. It translated these sentences:
Vmbra profunda sumus, nè nos vexetis inepti. Non vos, sed doctos tam graue quaerit opus. As:
We have a deep shadow that we vexetis inept. You did not, but they would have averted the learned, looking for work. Somehow, that manages to sound almost inspiring...

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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